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Places To See Around Shillong

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Places to see Around Shillong

There are lots of beautiful places to visit with shillong to explore your holiday trip in amazing destination. We mentioned such famous and awaited destination around Shillong for your convenience


Guwahati: Guwahati is one of the fastest developing cities in India and is a major city in Eastern India, often referred as "Gateway of North Eastern Region" of the country.

Distance from Shillong (98 km/3.5 Hours)


Cherrapunji: Cherrapunji is a popular tourist destination of India which is known as second largest wettest place in the world. Cherrapunji has many waterfalls, living bridges, limestone caves and sight scenes to enjoy.  The place is quiet unknown from the travel point of view but Cherrapunji is a great place to visit.

Distance from Shillong (53 km/2.5 Hours)


Jatinga: Jatinga is a scenic village that is famous for a curious phenomenon  It is most famous for the phenomenon of birds "committing suicide". Although the birds do not commit suicide and are actually killed, the myth of the suicides has spread far and wide among common people.

Distance from Shillong (127km/4.5 Hours)


Haflong:  Haflong in Assam is situated 310 km from Guwahati. Known for its beautiful Haflong hills, landscapes, valleys, and mountains, Haflong is popular among campers and nature enthusiasts. Haflong is a production center for horticultural produces like pineapple and oranges.

Distance from Shillong (134km/5 Hours)


Kaziranga National Park: Kaziranga National Park is a national park in the Golaghat and Nagaon districts of the state of Assam, India. A World Heritage Site, the park hosts two-thirds of the world's Great One-horned Rhinoceroses. Kaziranga also boasts the highest density of tigers among protected areas in the world and was declared a Tiger Reserve in 2006.

Distance from Shillong (186km/5.5 Hours)



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