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Popular Okinawa Hotels

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Popular Okinawa hotels (5 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars, Budget) with costs

5 star hotels

The Ritz-Carlton has spa and 24 hour health club facility. The cost of rooms is 55470 INR for a single night. Spa Resort Exes is situated in Onna which is close to Mission Beach. The accommodation cost per night of this hotel is 62345 INR.

4 star hotels

Tokyo Dai-Ichi Hotel Okinawa Grand Mer Resort is located in the Naha city and is 28 km away from the Naha Airport. The cost of rooms is 11715 INR for a single night. Rihga Royal Gran Okinawa is close to the attraction of Naha. The cost of per night is 25100 INR.

3 star hotels

Hotel Mahaina Wellness Resort is close to Motobu Genki Village and the cost per night is 15280 INR per night. Roco Inn Okinawa has the rate of 5095 INR per night.

2 star hotels

Hotel LiVEMAX Naha, is a good 2 star hotel, and the room rent starts from 4724 INR. Another good 2 star hotel is Hotel stork, where rooms are available from 4220 INR.

Hotel Hanby Resort id for the travelers who loves a stay in budget hotels, and the accommodation costs starts from 2024 INR. One more good budget stay at Okinawa is Goyah So where the minimum room rent is 1855 INR.


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