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Charlie Parker Jazz Festival

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Charlie Parker Jazz Festival

It is jazz festivals hosted in the Manhattan Park in the month of August which brings in all the jazz lovers together and have fun. This is truly one of the best jazz festivals in the nation.


  • Sports Events

There are many sports events that take place like US Open, Open Tennis, Brazilian day, Surfing Competition etc. These events bring in all the sports lovers under one umbrella enjoying every bit of the activity.


  • Night Life

NYC is known mostly for its night life fun. From pubs to dance bars to hotels to restaurants to crazy parties on beaches etc. NYC provides with the best night life fun. There is a hell lot of night musical and dance shows. In addition to that, NYC looks magnificent in dark with crimson lights all over, sparkling like a branded piece of jewel.

Now, that we are aware of all the places to visit and all the famous events that take place in this city, we must know that where we will land our tired torso after a happening day and what are the famous food outlets in here to satisfy our bellies.



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