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About Gurudwara Gupatsar Sahib Manmad

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About Gurudwara Gupatsar Sahib, Manmad

Gurudwara Gupatsar Sahib, Manmad : Manmad Gurudwara is situated at Manmad which is a major junction on Delhi to Mumbai route. Before starting of Sachkhand Express, pilgrims had to change the train at this station to travel to Shri Hazur Sahib, Nanded.

There was then very dense forest at the place of Manmad Gurudwara. Sant Baba Nidhan Singh Ji started karseva for constructing Gurudwara here by clearing the dense forest with the help of his people. Hidden Bauli was found while constructing the Gurudwara. After cleaning the well, it was noticed that the water of the well is divine and sweet. Because of this hidden well (Gupta Kuwan) the Gurudwara is later named as Gurudwara Gupatsar Sahib.


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