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Wildlife Of Meghalaya

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Wildlife of Meghalaya

Wildlife of Meghalaya includes a large variety of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. The important mammal species include elephants, bear, civets, mongooses, weasels, rodents, gaur, wild buffalo, deer, wild boar and a number of primates. Nokrek and Balpakam are the two National Parks and Nongkhyllem and Siju are the two wildlife sanctuaries in Meghalaya.


Balpakram National Park:  Balpakram is a fertile virgin land. The UN surveyed belts of limestone and coal deposits, along with sea shells fossilized into rocks in Balpakram hill provide immense scope for geological and archeological studies.


Nokrek Biosphere Reserve:  Nokrek Biosphere Reserve is located in the Garo Hills district, 2 kms from Tura Peak. The reserve is one of the least disturbed forest tracts of the sub-Himalayan ranges. It is the first biosphere reserve of its kind in the northeast region.


Siju Bird Sanctuary: Siju Bird Sanctuary is located in the hilly regions, it is a perfect destination for people who like watching birds of different species. The Siberian ducks also migrate here during the winter months. The lesser or Grey Hornbill is also seen around Siju. One interesting and rare bird is the Peacock Pheasant seen in Siju.



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