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Tribes Of Meghalaya

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Tribes of Meghalaya

Meghalaya tribes can mainly be classified into three groups - Garos, Khasis and Pnars or Jaintias.

Garo Tribe: Garos are believed to be the descendants of Tibeto-Burmar race who came down all the way from Tibet to the north eastern states while the Khasis and Pnars or Jaintias are the descendants of Proto Austroloid Monkhmer race.  The Garos prefer to call themselves as Achiks and the land they inhabit as the Achik-land.


Khasis: The Khasi people are an indigenous tribe, the majority of who live in the State of Meghalaya which is in the north eastern part of India, with a significant population in the border areas of the neighbouring state of Assam, and in certain parts of Bangladesh.

Pnars Tribe: The Pnar, also known as Jaintia, is a tribal group in Meghalaya, India. The Jaintias are matrilineal.



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