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Festivals Of Meghalaya

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Festivals of Meghalaya

Meghalaya consists of numerous Fairs and Festivals all round the year. If you visit Meghalaya you would feel that like Rabindranath Tagore that “The smile that flickers on baby's lips when he sleeps. There are such famous festivals are given below

Wangala: Wangala is one of the most important festivals held during the second week of November for two days. This is also known as the 100- drum beat festival held in Asanang village near Tura in the Garo Hills


Behdienkhlam Festival: Jaintia tribe celebrate this festival at Jowai in July for three days. The festival is observed to ward off the demon of Cholera/ plague. Local deity is worshipped for a bumper crop.  As part of the celebrations, “Raths” tall decorated structures are carried by 30-40 men to a small lake at Aitnar for immersion. A wooden post or a sacred tree called as “Khnongs” is also brought for immersion.


Chad Sukra: Chad Sukra is the festival observed by Pnar people in middle of April or the first week of May. Chad Sukra is observed before sowing the seeds. The festival is observed seeking the Almighty’s blessings for protection of the crop against famine or other natural calamities and to usher in peace and harmony to one and all.


Ka Pomblang Nongkrem Festival: The festival is popularly known as the Nongkrem dance festival. The Khasi tribe observe the festival after the harvest, in the first week of November for five days. Syiem, the head of the Khasi state, and Ka Syiem Sad, the Syiem priestess, who is considered the caretaker of all religious ceremonies, perform the festival related rituals. while men form an outer circle and dance to the accompaniment of traditional music. The festival comes to an end on the fifth day when people come together and offer a thanksgiving to the Almighty.



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