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Places To Visit In Majuli

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Places to visit in Majuli

Kamalabari Satra: One of the other famous sites of the island, Kamalabari Satra, this religious site too houses significant articles related to art, culture, literature and classical studies. The finest boats on the island are made here. Its branch, Uttar Kamalabari Satra, has showcased the Satria Art in several states of India and abroad.


Dakhinpat Satra: Dakhinpat Satra is a well-known Xatra  on Majuli island in the Brahmaputra River, in the Indian state of Assam established by Vamshigopal disciple Satradhikar Sri Vanamalidev in 1584. He was honoured and treated with much respect by the reigning Ahom monarch Jayadhvaj Singh who made liberal gifts to the Xatra.  This ancient educational centre is visited by thousand of devotees all throughout the year. Rasotsava, a prime festival of Assam, is celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion here.


Garmur: Garmur Satra village is located in Majuli Tehsil of Jorhat district in Assam, India. It is situated 23km away from district headquarter Majuli. Majuli is the sub-district headquarters of Garmur Satra village. Garmur is considered as a holy place which preserves ancient artifacts and articles, Bortop being the most prominent among these.


Tengapania: The temple is located near the river Brahmaputra and is known to be a very popular picnic spot. The area is green and on a sunny day, it is the perfect place to hang out near the water and take in the serenity of the golden building.



Majuli, the largest riverine island in the world,Located on the river Brahmaputra in Assam in north east India, Majuli has the distinction of being the biggest river island in the world. The island is formed by river Brahmaputra in the south and the Kherkutia Xuti joined by the river Subansiri in the north.The island, located 1,100 km away from the mouth of Brahmaputra, had an area of 1256 sq km in 1991. Continuous soil erosion has reduced the island to 875 sq km. Majuli was also short listed for consideration for UNESCO World Heritage status.

Mājuli has been the cultural capital of Assamese civilization since the 16th century. The island was under the rule of the British until India gained independence in 1947. The main village is Namghar, where villagers gather for important events, prayers and festivals. In Majuli, you can see and feel nature at close quarters. It is home to many migratory birds.



October to March is the best season to visit Majuli. Most of the festivals and drama performances are organized during this period.



State:    Assam
Best Time to Travel:    October to March.
Weather Conditions:    Coolest months are from November to February when the average temperature is 27 0 c. Hottest time March to June 34 0c.
Search Out:    Majuli, 800 sq km in area, is located in the Brahmaputra River. It is 12 km north of Jorhat, Assam. Jorhat is 310 km east of Guwahati.


Majuli is 20 kms fom Jorhat town. Buses ply regularly from Jorhat town to Neamati Steamer Ghat, the main ferryboarding point for Majuli. The entire journey takes about three hours, involving a half hour bus ride to Neamati Ghat, which has a few tourist information booths, lodging facilities and food stalls catering to transiting ferry-goers, and ferry ride to the southern tip of Majuli island. Though Jorhat remains the principal entry point, Majuli can be approached through Lakhimpur on the north and Dibrugarh on the east.

Rasleela is a three day festival held usually in mid-November. It celebrates the legendary love of Radha and Krishna and the devotion of the gopis to Krishna.

Ali-ai-ligang, held in February-March, is a colourful annual festival of the Misings, The ceremonial sowing of paddy starts on this day.

Bathow Puja, is a festival performed by the Sonowal Kacharis tribe where Lord Shiva, is worshipped with high veneration.

Paal Naam at Auniati Satra is a huge attraction, held at the end of Autumn.

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