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Food And Accommodation

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North Indian Restaurants

Moonwalkers Restaurant, Othavadai St. Multi-story restaurant with mixed enrichment, recorded in all the manuals and henceforth very prominent with outside sightseers. The menu runs the range of Indian and Western top picks, veg and non-veg, in spite of the fact that staff will attempt to direct you towards the extravagant fish things. Most dishes under Rs. 100, however fish will cost you more. Likewise hope to pay more for additional bread or rice, drinks, and so on. Lagers around Rs. 150. Presently extended to control two spots inverse each other.

Nautilus - #4, Othavadai Cross Street. Prevalent with outside voyagers, this French-claimed bistro characteristics sound Western sustenance, a better than average mug of espresso, a capable and benevolent wait staff, and a library loaded with Tintin and Asterix volumes. Rs 50-200.

Surf - Surf gives a wide mixed bag of sustenance for all ocean bottoms significant others. This restaurant is at the passage of the town. On the off chance that you are not the best enthusiast of ocean bottom, and then you will discover this restaurant over estimated. In the event that you are truly ravenous, then Surf is not a decent place to consume. The administration is truly late and you will get your request just before you are going to starve down.

Gecko Cafe, Othavadai Cross. Family-run, quick, benevolent and clean. Characteristics Indian veg and non veg nourishment and also freshest fish, offers a pleasant lake view for fowl viewing and has a loose environment, extremely supportive server and cook.

The new bistro (lakshmi lodge), No 6, Ottavadai Cross Street (Mahabalipuram .Tamil nadu.india), 044-27442463. Serve sound breakfast and excellent vegan nourishment (Tamil nadu style) and varity of new fish, prawns and lobsters, crabs and calamari. Freshly prepared with excellent taste AND wonderful porch with perspective of sea and sound. 


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