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Suggested Itineraries

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Suggested Itineraries

There are a number of itineraries available for London like Christmas itinerary, Children itinerary, Shopping Itinerary etc. Here we will discuss a budget centric itinerary which covers the trip of London in just 3 days. Also, there is a special London Pass for the tourists that offer free and fast entry to major places of visits like Tower of London, London Zoo etc. This card will avail you various discounts and thus, saves money and time.


Day 1:

The first day of your trip must start with River Thames. A cruise on this pure and pious water body will fill your heart with compassion and peace. After that, you must visit the places which the London pass offers for free like Tower of London etc.  This will take some time as it includes various exhibitions and shows. For lunch, try to visit the London Eye Pier which offers a variety of option for the tourists. And, finally end your day with a best quality dinner and a perfect musical dance show, all at the west end of London.


Day 2:

This day should be completely royal, in that you will cover all the museums and royal palaces today. From Hampton Court Palace to Windsor Castle to Buckingham palace, every place should be explored with proper tourist guide ad help. It will be more fun to know the complete history behind every post, sculpture or hanging, rather than just roaming aimlessly in these big arenas.  And, finally end your day in any of the night clubs of your choice and let your body move.


Day 3:

There are many places remaining now, like shopping markets, water events, wildlife fun etc. Thus, devote this complete day to all these outdoor fun activities. Though, this day would be tiring, but being the last day try to cover every possible spot. And, yes! Don’t forget to visit Waterloo. 



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