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Recommended Restaurants

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Recommended Restaurants

San Francisco offers its tourists with every kind of dining options. From fine dining to beach side sea fooding, every option is available to the tourists depending upon their interests and budget. You can choose a luxury restaurant or a food speciality restaurant.

  • Fine Dining

Union Square is the place for the best fine dining in San Francisco. With restaurants like Le Colonia, Fleur de Lys, Anzu, Farallon, Bourbon Steak and LarkCreekSteaks, Union Square is known particularly for its French and sea food dining.


  • Steak Houses

Known for its world’s best beefs, San Francisco has a number of steak houses named Harris’ Restaurant, Russian Hill, Financial District, and Alfred’s Steakhouse etc.


  • Sea Food Restaurants

There are many sea side restaurants that provides with an extravagant food with marvellous beauty all around. Some of the famous bay side outlets are Bay Area’s restaurants, Fisherman’s Wharf, Fishermen’s Grotto etc. 



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