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Motiongate Theme Park Attractions

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Motiongate Theme Park Attractions

GHOSTBUSTERS: Battle For New York

This high-stake and interactive ride will take you to the Temple of Gozer where you join an epic rooftop battle. Show off your ghost-busting skills in the shooting games and save New York City.

THE GREEN HORNET: High Speed Chase

The Green Hornet’s latest invention of rapid-response cars awaits you. We’re talking the Black Beauty and the 65' Chrysler Imperial Crown kind of action. Climb aboard this rollercoaster and careen through a junkyard that is full of hazards and dizzying leaps.


Brave through the creepy ruins of an abandoned amusement park, where you could be face-to-face with zombies at every turn. Barricaded doors, roughly scrawled survival tips and improvised weapons make this experience anything but a walk in the park.

Underworld 4D

A multi-sensory experience that will take you through the 800 years of war between Vampires and Lycans. Prepare to roam the corridors deep inside the mansion of the Vampires’ coven and enjoy epic displays of weapons and paintings. Jump into the Vampire coven theatre and attend a one-of-a-kind party: As a human strike force attacks their vampire coven, a Death Dealer and an ancient Elder embark on a desperate, danger-filled rescue.  An action-packed journey against the Lycans in a multi-sensory 4D experience like no other.

FLINT’S Imagination Lab

Your little ones can experiment inside Flint’s wonderful Imagination Lab. Climb, jump and play on whimsically science-themed slides and explore the soft play area built with larger-than-life food and laboratory maze… don’t do this at home though.

Smurf Village Express

Embark on the Smurf Village Express train as it meanders around the village. It’s the perfect first rollercoaster for your young ones. Ride past farmyards and forest towns – but watch out for the Howlibird who has been dropping stones on the village and destroying the mushroom-capped homes.

Penguin Air

Join the penguins and their crew of Chimp mechanics on a high-flying Penguin aircraft adventure and glide through the air with colourful banners flying behind you. But there’s a catch – the Penguins can’t afford licensed pilots, so they’ll be using you to get the job done.

Madagascar Mad Pursuit

Climb aboard the fastest madly rollercoaster you will ever see and get ready to be sent on an action-packed drive through the circus. Bring out your wild side in this mad pursuit of the Zoosters in the dark, trying to escape the obsessive animal control officer Captain Dubios.

KUNG FU Panda: Unstoppable Awsomeness

Armed only with Po’s unstoppable awesomeness, climb aboard this rollicking crazy adventure to free the Furious Five on this state-of-the-art 4D simulator.

Capital Bullet Train

Get ready for 360 degrees of thrill. Hop on the Capitol Bullet Train for a once-in-a-lifetime ride to the Capitol.  This launched roller coaster will send you backwards, forwards, and upside down on this supersonic ride.