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Music And Dance Of Sikkim

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Music and Dance of Sikkim

The cultural heritage of Sikkim is expressed in its traditional folk dances. Sikkim is domiciled by many ethnic castes and tribes. Folk dances and songs are an ingrained part of Sikkimese culture. Most of the tribal dances related to the amazing beauty of the natural surroundings, some signifies the harvest season and others are performed for prosperity. The beautiful dance forms of Sikkim are an expression of their art, history, culture and their unique way of Life.


Chu Faat Dance by the Lepchas

They have a special dance dedicated to this mighty peak along with its companions Mt Pandim, Mt Narshing, Mt Kabru and Mt Simbrum. The Chu Faat dance is specifically performed on the 15th day of the 7th month of the Buddhist calendar of North and lots of devotional songs are also performed on that day.


Sikmari Dance of the Lepchas

The Sikmari Dance draws inspiration from the abundant natural bounty of Sikkim. , this dance pays homage to the sacred Mount Khangchendezonga and its four associate peaks. These peaks together resemble a legendary snow lion, an important cultural symbol of Sikkim.


Singhi Chaam Dance of the Bhutias

The Singhi Chaam dance revolves around the majestic and mythical snow lion which is only found in the snowy climes of the Trans Himalayan region. The sacred Kanchendezonga and its four associate peaks represent the majestic snow lion which is one of the most important symbols of Sikkim.


Yak Chaam Dance of the Bhutiyas

The Yak Chaam dance is performed by the Bhutia community to honour the Yak which is native to the state of Sikkim. The meat, wool, horns, hooves and every part of the Yak is used by the Sikimeese and there are many families which are dependent on the Yak for their survival. This is again a costume based dance and all the dancers wear huge Yak shaped costumes which are amazing to look at. Mock fights, war dances, celebratory gigs and even love scenes are performed by the Yaks.


Denzong Gnenha Dance of the Bhutias

The Denzong Gnenha is a religious dance that celebrates the deep rooted unshakeable faith that the Bhutia tribe has in its indigenous Gods and Goddesses. The joy and the beauty of nature is also celebrated by the dancers who wear interesting and elaborate headgear that are locally made by the Sikimese women.


Tashi Yangku Dance of the Bhutias

The Tashi Yangku dance is meant for appeasing the Gods and praying for continuing prosperity and pace in the region. The dancers move rhythmically too the sacred hymns and chants uttered by monks


Khukhuri Naach of the Nepalis

The name Khukhuri means bravery in Nepali and it’s no surprise that the famous Khukhuri dance symbolises bravery and valour of the nepali community of Sikkim.  Each warrior (dancer) is given a khukhuri that is carried with them as a signifier of victory. It is said that performing the Khurkhuri dance enhances the sense of courage and valour in a community.



Reach Lachung By Air :

Gangtok airport is one of the nearest airports to the city from where you can get regular flights to different destinations. This airport is well equipped with modern facilities which offer you with the utmost comfort.

Reach Lachung By Road :

This city is the hill station and people mostly prefer to travel through road. You can get taxi, jeeps, and buses to move from one place to another. Gangtok (113 km) is easily connected to Lachung with the road transport facility.

Reach Lachung By Train :

Lachung railway station is nearby the city which can be accessible by road. You can hire any of the available public transport to reach there. Rail network is well connected and make your journey comfortable.Trains can be taken directly to the railway station in New Jalpaiguri, which is located near Siliguri. This is a major railway station that is located at a distance of around 139 kilometers from Lachung. There are three railway stations in Lachung, and trains from all major Indian destinations will be available to this railway station. Train fares will be cheaper than bus fares, but tickets need to be booked at least two months in advance. Regular trains will be available from Jhajha, Alipur Duar, Howrah, Chennai and New Delhi. 

Best Season in Lachung :

Best time to visit Lachung is throughout the year as this city is surrounded by mountains and you can get pleasant atmosphere. Best Season to visit Lachung is October to June as the temperature is about 10°c to 16°c.


Accommodation in Lachung is not a big deal as it is the most visited tourist destination. People from all round the county visit this hill station throughout the year. To provide comfort to the tourists, this city is well versed with various hotels and lodges. Yarlam Resort, Modern Residency, Le Coxy Resort, Fortuna Resort, Cliff View Residency, Season House, Golden Valley and many more are some of the best Accommodation in Lachung which you can select according to your preference. With the availability of various hotels, you can get the best place to stay which also suits your pocket.


Best hotels in Lachung :

#1 of 4 hotels in Lachung

 Modern Residency
#2 of 4 hotels in Lachung
 Snow Lion Resort
#3 of 4 hotels in Lachung

 Sonam Palgey Lachung
#4 of 4 hotels in Lachung

 Hotel Season House
#1 of 11 Lachung B&B and Inns

 The Fortuna
#2 of 11 Lachung B&B and Inns

Hotel Tashi Yangtel
#3 of 11 Lachung B&B and Inns

 Hotel Royal Lachung
#4 of 11 Lachung B&B and Inns

 Apple Valley Inn
#5 of 11 Lachung B&B and Inns

 Le Coxy Resort Sikkim
#6 of 11 Lachung B&B and Inns

 Cliff View Residency
#7 of 11 Lachung B&B and Inns

Himalayan Residency
#8 of 11 Lachung B&B and Inns

Events / Festivals in Lachung :

Lossong:  This is one of the most famous festivals in Lachung which is also the New Year of the Bhutia people. It is celebrated in the month January, when pooja is performed.

Saga Dawa: It is another festival of the city which is celebrated by the Buddhism. It is the day of Gautam Buddha.


Tourist Places in and around Lachung

There aren't many places of tourists' interest at Lachung but the place still has a few important things one can visit while at Sikkim. The famous attractions of Lachung are the Lachung Monastery and the Rhododendron Sanctuary – a sanctuary with many varieties of the state flower rhododendron that’s in full bloom during the early summers.While one can get to relish the tastiest apples, apricots and peaches at Lachung, the pretty town is also famous for a handicrafts centre from where one can take home some warm and exquisite handmade comforters.

Lachung Monastery In Sikkim , Lachung :

The Lachung Monastery is the symbol of religious and cultural heritage. This place is known by the name Lachung Gompa which was established in 1880 AD. It is an ancient monastery where you can find Buddhist murals paintings with colors and two big prayer wheels. People perform various religious and traditional practices there. Chaam is the dance form which is performed by wearing peculiar masks.

Yumesamdong (Zero Point) In Sikkim , Lachung :

Yumesamdong (Zero Point) is heaven personified place where you can get the most fascinating view. People can enjoy snow capped Himalayan peaks, beautiful flowers in this place. This place is situated 15000 feet above the sea level. It is very close to China border.

Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary :

One of the prettiest sanctuaries in entire Sikkim, it is located in the Yumthang Valley, with the Yumthang Chu river meandering through it. Flanked by the Chomzomei Tso mountains, which extend till Lava on the west and by the craggy Chuba-Sagochen mountain on the east, the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is well-known for its beautiful landscape comprising of verdant forested hills, alpine meadows, hot springs, flowering bushes and snow-peaked mountains. Several glacial streams criss-cross through the valley, adding to its charm. Spanning over an area of 43 sq km, this forest is especially known for over 40 species of Rhododendron bushes and trees. Other flowers like poppies, saxifrages, gentians, potentillas and primulas paint the sanctuary with their vibrant hues. If you’re in Lachung anytime between April and May – the time when the valley is bursting with a rainbow of colours, then don’t miss an opportunity to walk through the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary. While the forest is a floral paradise, it is also home to the Ghoral, Serow and the endangered Tiger-Civet. You can even spot the Brown Trout, an exotic species of fish in the blue waters of the Yumthang Chu.

 Yumthang valley : – a beautiful valley of flowers with vibrant blossoms of primula, poppies and rhododendron. At a height of 3,564m, the valley is very near Tibet and offers some great views of the Shundu Tsenpa and Pauhunri peaks. As you walk around the valley, enjoying the views and your time in this floral haven, you’ll also come across several hot springs, which bubble with warm, sulphur-rich water, known for their healing powers.  A tributary of the Teesta River meanders past the valley, making the place even more picturesque. While Yumthang is closed from December to March because of heavy snowfall, do visit the valley during the summer months when it is draped in a whorl of colours.

Lachung Gompa :

The ancient monastery, which was built sometime during 1880, is the hub of all cultural and religious activity in Lachung. A quaint and pretty place with murals in jewel colours and two large prayer wheels, the gompa should definitely be on your itinerary. If you’re in the hamlet in January, then you’ll also be able to see the Chaam, a traditional masked dance that the monks perform here to mark the end of the eleventh Tibetan month.


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