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Food To Eat In Kolhapur

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Food to eat in Kolhapur

Kolhapur is well known paradise for non vegetarian lovers.  general there is a misconception about "Kolhapur" food that it has to be really spicy and having lot of chillies. Only when you visit Kolhapur, one realizes that this is myth. Once in Kolhapur, you should never miss out on "MISAL", which is famous maharashtrian snack,  the unique taste being due to the use of typical kolhapuri homemade masalas (spices mixture), & Onion Garlic chutney. So if you have to taste the real kolhapuri food, you have to travel to the lovely city of Kolhapur. Some famous dishes are given below


Misal Pav:  Traditionally a mixture of boiled moth beans, potatoes, farsan, sev and kat, a spicy soup like gravy made with garam masala, onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and dry and wet coconut.  It is available in all Kolhapur restaurants and Breakfast Joints.


Batata Wada Pav : The kolhapuri wada pav is as bigger sized batata wada served with typical bread slice with chutney & fried green chillies. It’s a simple preparation of potato sabzi balls dipped in gram flour batter & deep fried. The tempting smell of wadas cant leave you without having a bite of it. This spicy vada pav is accompanied with coconut chatni and tastes heavenly. Owner Ramchandra Patil says, "The jumbo size vada pav served, with coconut chatni, is our speciality and is a must try if one is visiting the lake for an evening stroll


Kolhapuri Bhel: Bhel is a typical street food, a mix of puffed rice, farsan , sev , onions, tomato, roasted peanuts ,emli khajoor chutney &coriander .Its tangy, spicy & best of all chatpatti all at the same time. Rajabhau bhel has a spicy flavour with some tangy twist.




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