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Location Of Kasol Village

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Location of Kasol Village

Kasol lies in the middle of Malana Village and Manikaran. Malana Village is famous for Pure Aryan Race of Alexander the great and Malana cream, the highest quality cannabis resin in the world. While Manikaran is a Sikh Pilgrimage spot with hot springs. Kasol is a mid way free libral village with full of Backpackers, Hippies, Italians and its streets are dotted with marijuana plants & Kasol air is filled with intoxicating Malana cream.

Kasol has plenty of internet cafes charging Rs50 per hour, and several travel agents who will happily change cash and travellers cheques.

From Kasol, it’s a demanding four-hour walk uphill to the mountain village of Rashol, where there are a couple of basic guesthouses. For an easier 90-minute stroll from Kasol, cross the bridge over the Parvati River and walk downstream to Chalal and Katagla villages, both of which offer a laid-back accommodation alternative to Kasol. Recross the river at Katagla to catch a passing bus back to Kasol.


Kasol - the beautiful village is located at 42 km east of Kullu at the height of 1640 meters. Kasol is partitioned into Old Kasol and New Kasol on the either side of the bridge. Kasol is at distance of 5 kilometre from holy place Manikaran.

Kasol is also a base for Himalayan trekking, to SarPass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parbati Pass and Khiriganga.

Kasol is a very famous destination, Famous not for Honeymmoners, Indian tourists but foreigners specially Hippies and Israelis. To reach Kasol, You need to start From Bhuntar along Parvati River,after crossing Malana Hydro-Electric Project you reach Kasol. sign boards in Hebrew welcomed you in Kasol

Bhuntar is the nearest airport which also has a couple of banks and ATM centres.

Kasol's Population is fewer than 4,000 people, Kasol boasts of cheap accommodation, gurgling Parvati river, Green coniferous forests, snow-capped mountains & perfect ‘do-nothing’ vacation spot.Kasol is different, is a very small hill station with No honeymoon couples, indian tourists but you find plenty of Israelis,italians, Hebrew posters,Black Skull Caps, German bakeries, Road side Cafes boasting of best Israeli food. Welcome to Kasol – a mini Israeli in Himachal Pradesh. verage Room rent in Kasol is approx 500 Rs and you get Neat and Clean rooms. One of the good guest house is Sunny Guest House” opposite “Free Kasol Toast and Coffee Bar”.

Little Italy — a restaurant that serves everything but Italian. It is famous in all of Kasol for dishing out the best pancakes and the yummiest falafels. We found comfort and solace in food, and a place to crash for a few hours at a nearby guesthouse.

In Kasol you can stay in "The Alpine Guest House". It offers pine wood floors and a great balcony overlooking the Parvati Valley that nestled among the mighty snow peaks.

In Kasol, there is another place to stay "Suraiya guest house only at Rs. 200/night, this wooden cabin was quietly hidden away in the hill.. It was a bit of a walk outside Kasol but after we found it, it was totally worth it. It was actually a family’s house which they had converted into a place for travellers and tourists.