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Things To Do In Kabini

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Things to do in Kabini

The Kabini forest area, consisting of tropical, moist and dry deciduous types of trees, is home to diverse species of flora and fauna. The Forest Reserve is spread over 55 acres of forestland that consists of steep valleys, dense woods and water bodies. 

It is estimated that about 250 avian species are also found in this area, some of them being grey-headed fish eagles, ospreys, great cormorants, Malabar pied hornbill, Malabar lark, Malabar trogon, Indian pitta, etc. 

The Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary comprises of about 6000 elephants, which is the largest congregation of Asiatic elephants in the world. Langurs, chital, sambar, bison, sloth bear, pythons, crocodile, tiger and leopard are some other inhabitants of this forest reserve. 

Kabini attracts tourists and wildlife enthusiasts all round the year. Tourists can opt for Kabini packages which include popular activities like boating, bird watching, nature walks, cycling, bonfires and tribal village visits.



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