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Hotels In Jorhat Assam

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Hotels in Jorhat Assam

Standard Hotel

Hotel Jora Palace: TA Rank (3.5) - Certificate of Excellence

Hotel Jora Palace has an excellent location in the citys business and prime shopping hub. Majuli the world’s largest river island and Sibsagar the Heritage City of Assam. Its 10 min from Jorhat Railway Station and the city hub of transport services.


Facility provided by Hotel Jora Palace

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • TV with cable channels

  • The hotel also offers car hire

  •  In-Room Menu

  • Air Conditioning


Deluxe Hotel

Hotel Jironi: TA Rank (3.0) - Certificate of Excellence

Jironi Hotel offers uncompromising comfort and convenience with necessary amenities and neatly arranged rooms with decorative interior. The reception is open to welcome guests and to take care of any needs they might have. The hotel features well-equipped conferencing and business facilities


Facility provided by Hotel Jironi

  • Free WiFi is available

  • Flat-screen TV with satellite channels

  • Doctor on call, front desk

  • Delight foodies spirit


By Air :
Jorhat Airport, commonly known as the Rowriah Airport, is located within the city itself and this makes traveling to the place by air all the more easier. Regular flights are conducted from here to other major cities in Assam, like Guwahati, Dibrugarh etc. apart from that, there are flights connecting the place to the other major cites in India. The flights worth mentioning are Air India Regional, Jet Airways, Jetlite & Kingfisher Airlines.

By Rail :
The railway link for Jorhat is provided by the Farketing Mariyani branch railway station, which has regular trains from the city to Guwahati. It is also well connected with the other major cities of Assam as well as the rest of India. From the station, you can easily get bus as well as taxi to any place within the city.

By Road :
The city of Jorhat is about 308 km from Guwahati, a distance that is covered in about 6 hours by regular buses connecting both the cities. There are state as well as private bus services that are used for transportation to and from the place. Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) runs buses to Guwahati, Tezpur, Sibsagar, Tinsukia, Dimapur, Itanagar and to Kaziranga.

Best Season in Jorhat :

The best season to visit Jorhat is the winter season. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for sightseeing. The best months to visit are October, November, January and March.

Summer Season in Jorhat :
Summers of Jorhat are extremely hot and exhausting. The temperature ranges from 15 degrees to 28 degrees in the months of March to June. One shall avoid visiting Jorhat during these months.

Monsoon Season in Jorhat :
July marks the beginning of Monsoon season in Jorhat and lasts till September. Heavy rainfalls make Jorhat look very beautiful during this season.

Winter Season in Jorhat :
Winters approach Jorhat in November and lasts till February. The climate is pleasantly cool and the temperature ranges from 7 degrees to 18 degrees. Pleasant climate during the season is apt for sightseeing in Jorhat.


On the southern side of Jorhat, near Na-ali, there is a tank popu¬larly known as Bangalpukhuri. In the month of Sravana of Saka 1739, Badan Barphukan was mur-dered by Rupsinghh Bangal when he was going to take bath. For this act , he was rewarded with some money which he spent in excavat¬ing this tank.

Thengal Manor

Build in 1880 by Raibahadur Shiva Prasad Barooah, the first Assamese Daily Dainik Batari was started from this complex.

Burigosain devalay

The Buri¬gosain and the priest were brought from Jayantiya after defeating that king and were established first at Rangpur. 

When the capital was shifted to Jorhat, the image of Burigosain was also shifted and placed in a temple which lies in the middle of the town. It is a sakta Shrine.

Purnananda Buragohain Maidam

There is a maidam on he bank of Toklai near Macharhat which is of Purnanand Buragohain. It was constructed by his son.

Bilvesvar Siva Temple

About 35 Km. North of Jorhat town by the side of South Trunk Road there lie ruins of an old and small temple, along with a tank built by Rucinath Burgohain.

Magolu Khat

Magolu Khat is situated about four miles west of the Jorhat town. The king Rajeshwar Sinha established the Magolus or Manipuris here after marrying Kuranganayani, the princess of Manipur at Manaimaji vilage.

Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar

Established during 1497-1539 by Saint-reformer Madhavdeb.

Lachit Borphukan's Maidam: 

Burial vault of the greatest Ahom General who defeated the mighty Mughals at Sairaighat in 1672 .

Jorhat Gymkhana Club: 

Built in 1876 by D.Slimmon.

Raja Maidam: 

The existing maidam (vault)which lies on the south bank of Toklai river on the northern side of Jorhat town is of king Purandar Sinha who expired on 1st Oct 1894. The present maidam was constructed to preserve the ashes of the late king.

Baduli Pukahuri: 

During the reign of the king Jayadhvaj Sinha a tank was excavated by Baduli Borphukan near the Trunk Road at Teok, and it was named after Baduli Borphukan.


Situated 5 K.M. from Jorhat town Borbheta is known for Assam Agriculture University, District Jail, Jorhat police Reserve and the Christian Mission Hospital.


It is a village famous for its Black smithy which caters to the demand of neighbouring tea estates and local people.


Situated at a distnace of 17km.from Jorhat, It is an important river port of the district as well as of Upper Assam.

Kaziranga Golf Resort
#1 of 5 hotels in Jorhat

Burra Sahib's Bungalow
 #2 of 5 hotels in Jorhat

 MD Continental
#3 of 5 hotels in Jorhat

Mistry Sahib's Bungalow
 #4 of 5 hotels in Jorhat


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