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Zones Of Jim Corbett National Park

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Jim Corbett National Park has total five zones for the tourists to enter and roam around. These are the selected areas where tourists can be part of the wildlife safaris and watch wildlife with bare eyes at proximity. To enjoy the wildlife safaris in Jim Corbett Zones.



Bijrani safari zone is as good as Dhikala zone and endowed with those entire flora and fauna you heard and know are in Dhikala Safari Zone. Bijrani safari zone consists of tourism, buffer and core areas at jim corbett national park. Bijrani zone of Corbett national park is the most popular with tourist looking for a day visit at Corbett national park. Visiting core areas is not allowed. Birjari Safari Zone is the core buffer area of Jim Corbett National Park. It is the most popular safari zone for wildlife safari. Amadanda gate is the entry gate for the Bijrani safari zone. Amadanda gate is 1 Km from Ramnagar and one has to cross 5 km to enter the buffer zone to reach bijrani.Visiting in the core areas is not allowed by the authorities. Lush Sal forests, swaying grasslands and various other diversified flora species define the Bijrani Zone at its best. Bijrani Zone is just 1 kilometers away from Ramnagar and it brings the wildlife lovers face to face with numerous wild beings like Elephants, Monkeys, Tigers, Chital and Deer


Durga Devi

Durga Devi Zone is the best place for those who are fond of bird watching. Be it a Grey Headed Fishing Eagle, Black Chinned Yuhina, Maroon Orile, Crested Laughing Thrushor a Long Tailed Broadbill, you name it and the Durga Devi Zone has it. Besides this, it is the very zone in Corbett where the endangered Mahsheer fish come for breeding. It is spread in huge area and serves purposes like elephant safari in corbett. It is one of the best places for the Nature and Wildlife lover’s. It is perfect places where you can relax your body and soul in the soothing climate with the presence of wildlife make this place more attractive



Among all the zones, the best and most comfortable for tourists is Jhirna Safari Zone. Jhirna Forest Lodge is located southern boundry of the Corbett National Park, 16 Kms from Ramnagar. Every year huge number of visitors visit Jhirna Zone to witness the amazing wildlife beauty of the park. Jhirna Zone is endowed with relatively more natural beauty. This is the only Tourist zone in Corbett National Park which is open for all 12 months. It’s compulsory to take a guide along.  Durgadevi zone is the untouched territory of the park and one can explore the zone via elephant safari and jeep safari. But to explore the durga Devi zone, elephant safari is considered to be the best option.


Arrival Time                                     Departure Time

Morning Safari – 07:00 AM           Morning Safari – 10:00 AM

Evening Safari – 02:00 PM              Evening Safari – 05:30 PM




Dhikala is the most famous destinations in Jim Corbett National Park. Dhikala is the core buffer area of National Park. Located in the middle of the national park on the edge of the broad Patli Dun valley from where river Ramganga flows. It is the most famous zone for wildlife safari in national park. A drive through the numerous trails through chaurs is rewarded with sightings of Tigers. wild elephants, chital, hog deer and numerous grassland bird species and raptors. The old rest house at Dhikala is a historic structure, having been built over a hundred years ago, The surrounding forest safari routes boast of a mix of grassland, water body and dense forest making it the best place in corbett for animal sightings. Visiting Dhikala is a true jungle experience.



Sonanadi zone falls on Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary which is a part of Corbett Tiger Reserve. This is the only zone in Jim Corbett where tourists can walk on foot but richly housed by non-venomous snakes of different kinds. Popular mammals in the region are tiger, leopards and elephants. Tourists can take wildlife safari on jeep around Sonanadi zone observing the wild beings at proximity and enjoying the enchanting beauty of greenery and nature. onanadi Zone is open for visitors from 15 October to 15 June and closed for monsoon. There are several safaris operated during a day in Sonanadi zone.


Winter Safari Time

Arrival Time                                                      Departure Time

Morning Time – 07:00 AM                                 Morning Time – 10:00 AM

Evening Time – 02:00 PM                                  Evening Time – 5:30 PM


Summer Safari Time

Morning Time – 06:00AM                                 Morning Time – 9:30 AM

Evening Time – 03:00 PM                                Evening Time – 06:30 PM



A new fifth eco-tourism zone will become fully functional from December 01, 2014. Deputy Director Corbett Tiger Reserve Saket Badola quoted that Tourist and wildlife lovers can also enjoy nature trail from 1st January next year. The new zone will be an addition to the four zones that is already operational in the park namely Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna and Durgadevi.  Tourists can do jeep safari in morning as well as in evening shift. Only 15 gypsies will be allowed to enter in to the zone in each of the shift. The charge for new safari initiative will be same as day visit charge. And above all tourists will be able to get down from their vehicles and can enjoy nature trail up to 05 kilometers.


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