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Jim Corbett Places To Visit

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Corbett Water Fall

Corbett Water Fall is situated at an approximate distance of 25 km from Ramnagar City by surface. The waterfall lies nestled amidst green foliage and cascades down into a small lagoon-like pool. Corbett Waterfall can be reached from Ramnagar by travelling on a road that is lined with thick tall trees and hints of wildlife. After falling into the pool, water flows ahead making its passage from amongst the rocks and under a fallen tree trunk that spans the entire breadth of the stream. It is a best picnic spot for groups visiting Corbett National Park. Tourist can enjoy swimming and can refresh all the senses of the body.  At the waterfall, tourists can enjoy swimming. To reach the waterfall, tourists need to travel through thick teak wood jungles and a narrow winding road that is 1.7 km long. Located on the Kaladhungi - Ramnagar highway, the 20 m high waterfall is popular as a camping and picnic site.



Kosi River

Kosi River is a famous spot for fishing and angling activities. Kosi River lies partially in Corbett National Park. The river flow the eastern boundary of Corbett National Park, from Mohan through Dhikuli till Ramnagar. Wild animals from Corbett use it for drinking, especially during pinch periods, although the river does not enter the park. During the fishing season that ranges from October till mid-December, and from mid-February to June end, enthusiasts can catch mahseer at the river. Permits for fishing can be arranged via resorts and jungle lodges located around Kosi River.


Garjia Temple

Garjia Devi Temple is situated at an approximate distance of 14 km from Ramnagar city on the way to Ranikhet. The temple is actually a huge rock that is placed amidst river Kosi, which has been named as Garjia Devi after the deity. Devotees reach temple after climbing several flights of stairs. Temple attracts thousands of devotees from across the globe. Newlywed Couple coming to Corbett must seek the blessings of Garjia Devi. In the temple are housed various idols, including those of Goddess Parvati, Baba Bhairon, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati. Considered to be the daughter of Himalayas, Goddess Parvati is also known by the name of Garjia at this place. When Goddess Parvati’s idol on the mountains was discovered at the village, the inhabitants constructed Garjia Devi’s temple here. Devotees visiting the temple offer coconut, vermilion, incense, lamp and red Chunnerie to the goddess.



Sitabani is a famous zone for bird watching, it is known for a temple and river. At the site, tourists can take rest at the river bank and see the reptiles. The forest is home to tigers, elephants and other wildlife. When the tourist season is at its peak in Corbett National Park, panthers and other wildlife move to Sitabani. Only forest in Corbett tourists can walk inside and its association with the Ramayana, a Hindu epic, is corroborated by legends that state that Sita, the protagonist of Ramayana, spent her days stranded in exile during the agnipariksha episode. It is believed that at the ancient Valmiki temple located within the forest, Sita was supposedly absorbed by the earth. The forest is visited by tourists for enjoying elephant safari, for which Sitabani forest department issues the permit. By ASI (Archaeological Survey of India), the site is a birdwatchers’ paradise and has an ashram tucked away in the jungle.   


Corbett Museum  

Corbett Museum today was once the home of Mr. Jim Corbett, who was a hunter in his early life, but turned into an animal lover and naturalist later on. The memorial of the man who made immense contribution in the opening of this National Park is located at Kaladhungi. The museum preserves the heritage of Mr. Corbett in the form of personal belongings like fishing net, cap, gun, antiques and photographs, letters and antiques. One can also buy handmade articles with figures of Bengal Tiger and other wild creatures, and add some tangible symbols to one’s memories of Corbett National Park. Housed in a heritage bungalow of Jim Corbett, the museum brings to the forefront the memory, the life and activities of the eminent personality. Jim Corbett was a renowned environmentalist, hunter as well as a front runner in the tiger conservation.


Kalagadh Dam

The Kalagadh dam is situated at the south-western side of the Corbett National Park. The surrounding area near the dam is a heaven for birdwatchers, owing to the arrival of a number of migratory waterfowl in the winters. Kalagadh Dam is made by U.P. irrigation department on Ramganga River constructed between 1963 and 1973. During its construction, the dam wreaked havoc with the ecological system of the region. The multi-purpose project for the construction of the dam was meant to generate irrigation, hydro and electric power, along with providing flood relief.



Bijrani is about 1.0 km away from Ramnagar can be reached via Amanda Gate. Once a part of a shooting block area in and around Bijrani is drier and also has more diverse vegetation. The terrain was famed for the quality of game hunting, during the British period. Site was frequented by shikaris during the British period.



Dikhala is situated in the south-western side of the park built over the Ramganga River in Pauri Garhwal district. Dikhala is the main administrative centre at the Jim Corbett National Park. Built over a 100 year ago, the old rest house at the site is a historic structure. Dhikala chaur is one of the largest remaining grasslands of the park and is located in front of the Tourist Complex. From the watchtower located at the site, tourists can avail views of the valley and the Kanda Ridge. Near this grassland also lies Phulai chaur. While driving through the expanse of the chaur, tourists can view wild elephants, chital, hog deer, raptors and numerous grassland bird species. . The picturesque and calm surroundings compose a perfect setting for welcoming the migratory birds, making the area one of the most desirable places for bird watching.


Sunrise Point

The highest peak in the park provides a perfect vantage point to have a panoramic view of both Kosi and Ramganga rivers along with the encompassing area of Bhuwankhal village (nearby). You would also get a feel of British architecture through an old bungalow (residential building) situated near the park.


Dhangari Museum

Dhangari is the main entry gate of the park and is 19 km from Ramnagar and the museum is situated near the gate as introduction to Jim Corbett National Park. Dhangari museum gives information about the vegetation and the wildlife which inhabit the park. It also gives a peek into a bygone era when the infamous man-eating tigers of Nainital district terrorized inhabitants only to be finally rescued by Jim Corbett. One would also find carcasses of animals that died naturally or in a fight, like tiger, tusker, deer, leopard, crocodiles, etc. There is a souvenir gift shop where you can get literature on wildlife, handicrafts, t-shirts and caps reminding you about your adventurous holiday in Jim Corbett.




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