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Adventure Activities In Jim Corbett National Park

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Blessed with breathtaking mountains and thrilling jungle, Jim Corbett National Park is a heaven for adventure and wildlife seekers. For adventurers, it has always been a great and fascinating experience to enjoy thrilling activities in Jim Corbett National Park in the kosi river like:


River Rafting

River Rafting is another adventure activity you can do in Corbett national park, River Rafting in Corbett can be done in River Kosi and it is only possible in Monsoon season, you will be taken for an exciting rafting session for about 30 Mins on one of the most exciting rivers in Kumaon region. You get to raft through some great Class II or III rapids. Although river rafting in Corbett is not as adventurous as it is in River Ganges, but it is quite popular in Corbett and visitors love to do it.


River crossing

River Crossing on River Kosi at Corbett national park is another adventure activity wherein you cross the river with the help of the Ropes tied at both the ends of the river and you are tethered to this rope using specialised equipment, you will have to walk from one side to the other on a small string with the support of a rope and cross the river accordingly. We undertake this activity under the supervision of expert instructors.


Bridge slithering

Bridge slithering on River Kosi in Corbett national park is an exciting rope activity which involves participants jumping from a Jhula bridge on the Kosi near Garjia Temple and slither down with rope till about 06 ft above the water and then jump into the water. Usually a team activity, members slithering down and jumping into the water are promptly picked up the support staff or a kayak waiting for them. Our professional instructors who would guide you through the process will ensure that you have a memorable time.




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