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About Vaishnawi Punjabi Dhaba

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About Vaishnawi Punjabi Dhaba ( Between Chintpurni & Jwalaji)

Vaishnawi Punjabi Dhaba is the best economical food junction for vegetarian food between Chintpurni and Jwalaji devi. The place is well before the Beas River Bridge and famous for Homely vegetarian delicacies as well as great Tea. The root of best food is original Unadulterated milk supply of Dhaba.

Recommeded Food to order at Vaishnawi Punjabi Dhaba ( Between Chintpurni & Jwalaji)

You can order Cheese Chilly, Dal Makhani, Aaloo Parontha, Or Just Plain Chapati followed by hot piping tea.

HolidayTravel team found that Cheese Chilly offered at the Dhaba is one of the best in the entire area, the cheese was so fresh and soft that it just melted in the mouth and onions were very crunchy, creating a perfect blend, soft cheese bites with crunchy Onions, capsicum and cabbage.

The cost also was not much , all food for 3 was winded up only at 400 Rs.


                       best food restaurant

                                               Best-Food-Restaurant-Punjabi-Dhaba-Between-Chintpurni-and-Jwalaji-1 (700x464)



                                               Best-Food-Restaurant-Punjabi-Dhaba-Between-Chintpurni-and-Jwalaji-2 (700x464)



Further from Vaishnawi Punjabi Dhaba

There is another snacks place “Pinki Fruit Chaat” after the Punjabi Dhaba, if you want a tangy citrus fruit chaat after your meals at Punjabi Vaishanv dhaba, this is the place to enjoy the same.


                                                                            Pinki-FruitBar-Chintpurni-To-Jwalaji (700x464)


Beas River Bridge Enroute Jwalaji

Descent continued from the Dhaba, it is a well metaled road, one of the perfect ones to drive. About 30 minutes we reach the Beas River Bridge, This bridge is one of the longest Bridge in Himachal, Beas river flows in its mightiest form here..


                                                                          BeasRiver-Bridge-Enroute-JwalaJiDevi-1 (700x462)

Just before the Bridge, there is a restaurant, offering food, but it is on the higher side, holiday travel does not recommend you to eat there, but a visit is worth-while to enjoy the views.


After Crossing the Beas Bridge Enroute Jwalaji

After crossing the bridge, the landscape changes, after driving about 10-15 kms, the mighty dhauladhars are visible, the landscape is beautiful with large valley and at the distant the mighty snow covered dhauladhars.

Another interesting aspect on this stretch is the change of the gravel from soil to stone. At the far end, you can see the Sandal wood jungles protected by the government.


                                                                     Chintpurni-KangraDevi-Highway-Scenic-Landscape (700x462)


Finally we reach a junction point, where one road goes to Jwalamukhi, instead of making a turn towards Jwalaji, we embark towards Kangra.


Drive to Kangra from JwalaJi

We had carefully decided for the time being to skip Jwalaji , as purpose of this trip was to stick to the Highway to cover all elements.


Food Options between Jwalaji & Kangra

We had breakfast at around 11:30 AM, after approx. 1 hour we cross another food joint towards kangra, this place has many Dhabas and Restaurants offering 24X7 food. Many a times IPL teams enjoy the food here, with one of the Dhaba proudly showing the Sachin Tendulkar photo shot at the Dhaba.


                                                                  Best-Dhabas-Restaurants-Jwalaji-to-Kangra-2 (700x464)

Some of the best restaurants Dhabas here are as below

Sharma Punjabi Dhaba – Proudly displaying Dhoni Junction  ( They also have a guest House)

Sharma Shiv Shakti Punjabi Vaishno Dhaba

Ashoka Punjabi Dhaba –


                                                                  Best-Dhabas-Restaurants-Jwalaji-to-Kangra-1 (700x464)




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