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About Kangra Fort

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About Kangra Bridge, Kangra Fort & original Kangra Devi Temple at Hill Top

Once we cross these dhabas, steep decent comes and immediately you start noticing the huge Kangra Fort and original Kangra Temple at mountain top. This is original Kangra Temple, for ease of pilgrims it was shifted to city centre.

                      1 kangra bridge

                                 Joginder-Nagar-Kangra-Bridge-NarrowGuageRailTrack-Near-Kangra (700x464)

You will  be surprised to see still intact majestic kangra fort walls perched on high hill making it totally unpenetratable.

The bridge on the main khadd is under construction and you can also see the parallel running Railway bridge ( Kangra Joginder nagar Narrow guage Line) made by the british, but still intact & in service.


                      Kangra-Fort-View-From-Highway (700x461)

                                                         Kangra-Fort-View-From-Highway (700x461)


Mata Baglamukhi temple

After crossing the Bridge, after about 10 minutes, you will cross Mata Bagla mukhi temple and pay obedience at the mata footsteps. Spend 15 minutes at the temple and zip towards Chamunda Mata.


Chamunda mata is approx. 25 kms from Baglamukhi Mata, and way proceeds through the Yol Cantt..




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