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Activities At Global Village

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Activities at Global Village


This season, Global Village will be hosting concerts every Friday, with entry ticket priced at INR 300/ 4$ International stars from across Asia, Middle East and the world, will take to the Main Cultural Stage every Friday 9pm. Among the confirmed list of participants are Mika Singh, Cheb Khalid, Sunidhi Chauhan, Atif Aslam, Mohammed Assaf, and Omar Abdul Lal.

Stage Shows

The Global Village Cultural Main Stage will offer you a new kind of entertainment this year, ranging from traditional stories depicting a blend of festivals introduced with latest light and sound techniques to special effects that can surely awaken your senses.

Cultural shows

Global Village showcases culture and heritage of various countries, and just as is the case every year, this year too Global Village will host variety of shows on the main cultural stage representing different cultures.

Globo Shows

Global Village will continue to present the much awaited Globo Shows this season, wherein Globo and his friends will be seen overcoming every obstacle with the help of kids from the audience. The show offers opportunities for kids to meet and play with Globo and this season, Globo’s gang will include two new friends, the Bat and the Kangaroo.

Pavilion Shows

The entertainment and cultural shows at Global Village are not limited to the main stage and street performances alone. Every pavilion will accommodate dance and music that showcase the culture and heritage of the country they represent. The show will include dance performances like traditional Arabic dance, Yemeni dagger dance, the UAE’s traditional Yola, and more.

Emirati Concerts

Global Village presents two concerts in one day with the popular Emirati singers, Mohammad Al Minhaly and Walid Ibrahim.

Shaabiat Al Cartoon

Global Village presents the most popular Emirates Cartoon Show, Shaabiat Al Cartoon, with popular charater, Shambiah being on the main cultural stage.

Emirati Shows

Emirates shows will be presented by Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Centre, involving lot of cultural shows with Emirati performances like Al Harbiya, Ayyala, Al Yolla on the main cultural stage.

My Blood, My Country Campaign: Global Village hosts ‘My Blood My Country’ campaign for blood donation in a special tent near Gate of the World, under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai.

Fireworks display and Carnival of the World: The sky of Global Village will be lit with an amazing fireworks display, while the Carnical of the World will take to streets of Global Village with cultural shows from over 75 country pavilions.


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