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September Tourist Events In Himachal

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September Tourist Events in Himachal


In September, As the rains end, autumn sends fiery colours racing through the hills. It is also one of the Best Months to Visit Himachal..

Visit Kinnaur Hiamchal in September to Participate in Great festival of flowers, 'Fullaich' or Ookhayang (Phulech). Villagers scout the hillsides for flowers which are collocated in the village square. These are then offered to the local deity and this is also a time when the spirts of ancestors are propitiated. Then comes a spate of revelry - singing, dancing and feasting. 

Visit Kalpa Hiamchal in September to witness some of the most vibrant celebration, and every twelve years, there is the special festival.

Visit Chamba Himachal in September, at the village of Chhatrari, centered around the exquisite temple of Shakti Devi a fair is held and masked dances performed.

In September, see the Nagni Temple, Nurpur The Kangra valley celebrates the festival of Sair. At Nurpur in Kangra, under the watchful walls of its old fort, the Nagini fair bids the summer farewell. 
Watch in September the singing and buffalo fights at Arki and Mashobra, both near Shimla.  

Be in Himachal on 27th September, To Participate in the World Tourism Day, which is celebrated thought out the Himachal State. District Nahan in Sirmaur, hosts the Bawan Dawadashi fair.