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February Tourist Events In Himachal

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February Tourist Events in Himachal

  • Visit Himachal Shimla Manali in February to see Himachal's Winter Carnival
  • February Tourist Events in Kangra Dharamshala
  • Losar Festival in Dharamshala Mcleodganj
  • Losar Festival - is one of the main festivals Dharamshala, celebrated in the months of February and March. Tourists enjoy the festive mood. 
  • Celebrate Tibetan festival that is celebrated with lots of devotion is Saka Dawa Festival, which is celebrated to honour Lord Buddha. 
  • Celebrate Gochi in the Bhabha Valley Himachal and get Surprised to see unusual festival when the villages celebrate the birth of male children, Watch Faker marriages of children below the age of six and snow balling every child.
  • February Tourist Event in Una Himachal
  • Celebrate Baba Barbahag Singh Mela in Maidi Una and honour this sage who was renowed for his sacred and 'magical powers.'
  • Celebrate Basant Panchmi, marking the arrival of spring in the Kangra Valley, Manali, Shimla.
  • February Events in Lahaul Spiti, Kinnaur and Tribal Himachal
  • Celebrate Lossar, which includes Rituals, dances, celebrated in Buddhist areas throughout the state specially Mcleodghanj, Kaza, lahaul.
  • Enjoy Lahaul's monasteries showcasing most spectacular performances and off course the 'chhaam' dance with elaborate costumes and masks. This Dance commemorate the assassination of the cruel Tibetan king, Langdarma in the 9th century.