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Temple Of Kanchi

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Temple of kanchi

About kanchipuram temple has got numerous temples that can be divided into the two major heads- Shiva Temples and Vaishnava Temples.  There are several big temples, like Kamakshi Amman Temple, Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Kailasanathar Temple, Karchapeshwarar Temple, Ekambaranatha Temple which is one of the five forms of abodes of Lord Siva, (it is the earth abode here, other abodes include Chidambaram (Sky), Sri Kalahasti (air), Thiruvanaikoil (water) and Tiruvannamalai (fire)


kanchipuram kamakshi amman  

Kamakshi Amman Temple is the famous and beatiful landmark of Kanchipuram. This is the only traditional temple dedicated to Shakti in Kanchipuram. It has the sannathi (sanctum) is covered with a gold plated roof. The temple has a golden chariot of which the procession takes place during festive seasons. It has been told that there are three major Shakti's (Amman) in India. They are 'Kanchi Kamakshi, Madurai Meenakshi and Kaasi Visalakshi'.  Most of the locals are unaware of the fact that there are no shrines for Shakti in any of the Shiva temples in Kanchipuram

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Kanchipuram Kailasanathar Temple

Kailashnatha Temple will surely grab your attention with its classic architecture. It carries a high historical value since it is built in 81st century AD by Pallavas, along with an awe inspiring structure consisting of curved pillars with beautiful sculptures, the main Shiv Lingam ringed by other shrines, well maintained lawn, quiet atmosphere and demonstrations given by representatives of Archaeological Survey of India.

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Kanchipuram Ekambareshvara Temple

This is the most significant temple in Kanchipuram and dedicated to Lord Shiva.  Ekambareswarar temple is the largest temple in Kanchipuram and the town of thousand temples. Ekambareswarar is literally translates to ‘Lord of mango tree’. It is one of the Panchabhoota sthala Shiva Temples, representing Earth. The temple has been spoken about by Tamil poets who lived in the 2nd century. The temple has a mango tree, which is 3500 years old. The temple had undergone many changes since then. During the rule of Pallavas, the original structure was pulled down and new temple was built. During Chola dynasty, the temple was improvised. The temple in its present form was the work of Krishnadevaraya, the most famous Vijayanagar King in the year 1509. The temple is huge and the doors are nearly 40 feet tall. The temple is a proof of the fine architectural splendor of the bygone era.Ekambaranatha Temple is also known as the Ekambareswar Temple 


 Kanchipuram Vaikunda Perumal Temple

The temple of Vaikunda Perumal is stunningly beautiful and dedicated to lord vishnu. This is more than 1400 years old and is similar to Kailasanathar temple. This should be seen in daylight to admire the sculptures better .This is also an ASI protected site. There are 3 shrines of Vishnu - one in sitting posture, one in Sleeping posture, one in standing posture. Only this lord in sitting posture can currently be viewed. The Lord in sleeping posture is allowed for viewing only on auspicioud Ekdasi/Vaikunt Ekadasi day and   apparently there is no possibility/way in the temple to view the shrine of land in standing posture. Photography is allowed outside sanctum sanctorum


Kanchipuram Kachapeshwarar Temple

 Kachapeshwarar Temple is one of the most unique temples in India where one Hindu god is seen worshiping another Hindu god. It gets its name from one of the images of Lord Vishnu who is depicted as a kachhap or tortoise. In the Kachapeshwarar Temple, Lord Vishnu as a tortoise is seen worshiping Lord Shiva who is depicted as the Shivalinga. This unique image is seen on the engravings and sculptures of this beautiful temple. Thus, Lord Shiva assumes the name of Kachapeswar in this temple. The construction of this temple dates back to the Pallava dynasty.


Kanchipuram Sri Varadaraja Temple

The Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple is a beautiful temple located on top of the Hastigiri or - the Elephant Hill. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu whose image can be seen on each of the pillars in the 1000-Pillar Hall. There is a beautiful architectural 100 pillar hall near the temple tank.  This temple is very near from the main city of kancheepuram. The temple is another example of Indian excellence in architecture. It has a tree which is said to be very old inside. The temple is known for its rich sculpture and carvings which can be seen throughout the complex. The carved lizards made from gold and silver deserve special mention. According to folklore, touching the lizards cleanses the body and mind from all sins. Other than the pillared hall, the rider statues and the ornamental rings in the temple are each carved from a single piece of stone.


Kanchipuram Devarajaswami Temple

The Devarajaswami Temple was constructed by the Vijaynagar kings located at a distance of about 76 kilometers from Chennai. It is devoted to the Hindu god Lord Vishnu. There are ornamented engraved pillars that can be seen inside the temple. This scrupulous temple has a marriage hall that was built in remembrance of the marriage between Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. There is also a water tank that contains a large statue of Lord Vishnu inside the water. The tank is debilitated every 40 years and it is at that time, the 10 meter high statue can be seen, and is then established for darshan for 48 days before it is immersed in water again. There is also an enormous chain that was engraved out of one single stone.


Kanchipuram Ulagalanda Perumal Temple

 This is one of the three temples within one temple ranking among the Divyadesas. This Divyadesam is found in Big Kanchipuram and is closely situated near to Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple.  There are three Divyadesas within this temple Tiru Ooragam, Tiru Neeragam and Tiru Karakam.  It is said that barring Tiru Ooragam, other temples were elsewhere earlier and were set together under one roof at a later period.  Saint Tirumangai Azhwar had included all these Divyadesas in one Mangalasasanam hymn.ord Perumal stands majestically facing north blessing His devotees. Vimana above the sanctum is of Pushkala design.  Mother Parvathi had the darshan of Lord in this temple. Karvaanam is one of the 108 Divyadesas of Perumal. Perumal appears majestically blessing the devotees with his right leg pressed on the ground with the left up. The temple is adored by the Mangalasasanam hymn of Saint Tirumangai Azhwar.


Kanchipuram Jain Temples

 Jain temples are located at Tirupparuthikkundram and were mainly built for the Jain Tirthankaras. It  is a village on the bank of the Palar river, This place is situated about 76 KM away from Chennai and close to Kanchipuram  a little off the Pillaiyar Palayam suburbs of Kanchipuram. In Thiruparuthikundram stand two great monuments of Kanchipuram ancient period of Jainism's heritage temples. In addition to the existing Siva Kanchi and Vishnu Kanchi, this area may be known as Jaina Kanchi. These temples were built in 9th century, even this sacred city was considered sacred for Jain's scholar too. Lord Mahavir is the main deity in one temple, and other is dedicated to Tirthankara. A few Pallava Kings were attracted by Jainism. These temples and deities including all articles are well preserved. These ancient temples are of great interest for Jains and other tourists for attraction. These are famous for special art and architecture, mural paintings, fresco and lot.


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