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Shopping In Kanchipuram

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Shopping in Kanchipuram

You can take a walk around in the local markets and get a good overview of the local handlooms and the boutique or you may visit places famous among the locals. Kanchipuram is a place well known for its silk sarees. People here are mainly weavers. The city has a blooming handloom industry. The world famous Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are made with best quality Mulberry Silk threads. The brightness and sheen of the silk sarees are unmatched. A huge variety of colours and designs, beautiful Zaria work (gold polished threads) and the durability makes the sarees must have for a lady's wardrobe. You should not miss the opportunity to pick some for yourself or to gift. But check on the silk mark! 

  • Kanchipuram city is famous for its silk products
  • The silk and Silks allures sarees are hand-woven

  • Kanjeevarams sarees are famous here 

  • The borders of some of the Kanjeevarams are made from pure gold and silver threads.

  • Kanchipuram is not only famous about Silk Sarees, you can also buy decorative items like fruit baskets, jewellery boxes and idols of various Gods and Goddesses.

  • Things made of stone, bronze, copper, stone and jute is also famous for shopping and they make good souvenirs and gifts.


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