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Places To See In Kanchipuram

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Places to see in kanchipuram

There are a lot of Visiting places in Tamilnadu in which kanchipuram is the most famous pilgrimage spot with their historical finest architecture of temples and scenic beauty. Apart from that the city is also having stunning views with their beautiful lake, bird sanctuary and beach


 Vedantangal Bird Sanctuary

The Vedanthangal bird sanctuary is one of the most popular bird sanctuary in Tamilnadu. Large variety of migratory birds visits this place every year.   It is situated near to the small town of Padalam in the Kancheepuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu. this bird sanctuary is  located at the distance of 75 km from Chennai on National highway in the area of 74 acres of land .This place being among the famous sanctuaries of water birds in India is home to a wide variety of birds. Vedanthangal bird sanctuary is completely dependent upon the rainfall and faces water problems during the summer season. A visit to this place is a must for bird watchers and nature lovers. It is visited by many types of migratory birds so the best time to visit the sanctuary would be between October and March. Many birds build their nest on the submerged tress in the sanctuary. Birds spotted in the sanctuary include flamingos, kingfishers, herons, egrets, and pelicans.  The Vedanthagal bird sanctuary is the best place for nature and wildlife lovers.


Kanchi Kudil

The Kanchi Kudil is an ancient traditional house, situated at Sangeetha Vidwan Nainar Pillai Street, in Kanchipuram. Kudil means house and the house is over 90 year old and its architecture resembles the olden style. It is a small ancient house that reflects the ancient culture of Hinduism in Tamil Nadu. This is designed for greater creativity and use of Dravidian Heritage products. Their Dravidian Heritage Display attracts the heritage lovers, in this house, a variety of unique architectural ornaments, a food court, traditional crafts and soft string instruments can be found. Basically, the style of making is totally based on agriculture. Besides, these also represent the lifestyle of Dravidians. In this place where all services are provided in traditional way, at very reasonable cost. Kanchi Kudil represents the life of the people of the city with a view to attract tourists and let them feel the essence of life as lived here. The present heritage inn was originally an ancestral house. You could gain a deep knowledge on the city, its cultural richness and heritage. Many Cultural programs are organized in the evenings through which you can learn about the arts of the city.



Madurantakam is a town in the Kanchipuram at a distance of 90 km from Chennai in the District of Tamil Nadu. It is famous for a 1300 years old temple the Aeri Katha Ramar Koil which is on the Villupuram-Chengalpet Highway. Located near the Agricultural Reservoir Bund, the temple is devoid of any kind of idol, statue or portrayal of Hanuman or Anjaneya but He is not separated from Lord Rama. It is believed that under the Bakula tree in the Rama Temple, wisdom was acquired by Sri Ramanujam after meeting one of his mentors known as Maha Purna (Peria Nambi).


Jeevanandam Statue

The statue of Jeevanandam is situated in Tambaram and His original name was Sorimuthu, and nickname was Jeeva. In 1957, jeevanandam won the MLA election after contesting from Chennai’s Washermenpet region and became a great Parliamentarian and one of the forerunners of the Marxist movement in Tamil Nadu eevanandam, a well educated and good public speaker was a great personality who joined the one Marxist movement in Tamil Nadu. He was not only a socio-political leader, but was also a cultural theoretician, an excellent orator, journalist and critic; and above all, a relentless fighter for the deprived. A down-to-earth person with a clean record in public life, Jeevanandham was held in high esteem by ordinary people. He won the M. L. A. Election in 1957 contesting the washermenpet region in Chennai.  In the memory of his great personality and work His statue is put up in Tambaram. He was a great veteran socialist leader.


Muttukkadu Lake

This large lake is formed of backwaters where one can enjoy wind surfing as well as boating. A water paradise formed out of the backwaters of Bay of Bengal.  Muttukadu Lake is just the place to take frolicking in water a notch above and indulge in some truly exhilarating water sports. While boating is popular out here, Muttukadu boat house provides a range of watersports facilities and activities.Muttukadu Lake is overrun with locals and tourists alike, especially during the weekends and is a widely popular water getaway.  This is famous for Rowing, water skiing, windsurfing and speed boating. One can enjoy the safety and comfort of the bamboo boathouse and floating boat jetty while digging into delicious seafood and local delicacies at the boathouse’s in-house restaurant. This is a large lake formed out of the backwaters, with boating and wind surfing facilities. It is located at a distance of 80 Kms from Kanchipuram . The Backwaters of Muttukkadu have been developed by the Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation to serve as a picnic spot and a centre for water sports.Training and demonstration programmes are organised for beginners.


Sadras Beach

The Sadras Sea beach resort is located 16 kilometers from Mamallapuram. This beach resort was initially a Dutch settlement established many years ago. Today, it has been developed in to one of the major tourist beach resorts. The resort combines the enthralling beauty of the vast stretch of water, the finest accommodation facilities, and savoury delicacies to entice the tourists for a delightful retreat.


Sadras fort

The fort is a brick structure and parts of it are now in ruins. But the place is very well maintained by ASI (Archaeological survey of India). The name Sadhurangapatnam is derived from Sathurangavalli, a queen who rule The fort is said to have a direct access from the beach to a room within the fort which was the queen's room, so she could directly access the beach to take bath and come back into the fort in full privacy. This was also used as an escape route in bad times.  The Portuguese had taken away the fort from her.Chennai was called by English as Madras, an anglicized name of Madrasapatnam. Sadhurangapatnam and Madrasapatnam were twin cities.According to the ASI, the fort was originally built by the queenThis place is best visited by booking any of the Kanchipuram tours guided by experts of the city.


Kanchi Matt  

As mentioned earlier, Kanchi is an abode for other religions too. Around 5 km away from Kanchipuram, at Enathur, Adi Shankaracharya had built Kanchi Matt during 788 - 820 AD. This Matt has been given a status of Deemed University. You can visit Jain Temple displaying beautiful paintings in the inner walls and roof of the temple. An excellent example of religious co existence is the mosque near Ekambareshwarar Temple which was made by the Nawab of Arcot, back 450 years. Another mosque is situated near Vaikuntha Perumal Temple. Similarly during British ruling period, in the year 1921, McLean build a Church depicting Scottish architecture.


Kalpakkam Reactor Research Centre (RRC)

There is a Reactor Research Centre (RRC) in Kalpakkam, is a small town situated at Coromandel Coast, just 70 Kms away from Chennai Reactor Research Centre (RRC) that was established in 1971 which is The Department of Atomic Energy that belongs to the Indian Government has undertaken it. In 1985, the centre was renamed Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), after the then Prime Minister of India. Being a broad based sector, it aims at developing the fast Breeder Reactor Technology. KAMINI and another reactor that runs through plutonium Uranium carbide fuel are operated at this place.

Here KAMINI and another reactor run through plutonium Uranium carbide fuel are operated. It is an attraction as famous nuclear plants and affiliated research installations.


Alamparai Fort

 Alamparab Fort is approx 50 km from Pondicherry constructed and ruled by Nawab Dost Ali Khan in 1735. This place is believed to be the only port during that time along the Coromandel Coast. The Fort once had a 100 meter long dockyard that runs into the sea. When French were defeated by the British, the fort was captured and destroyed in 1760 AD. The remains of the fort were then destroyed again by a tsunami in 2004 along the coast of Bay of Bengal.

Broken remains of Fort walls built with bricks and limestone. Just climb over the outer wall to have an amazing view of the ocean and backwater. This place is amazing for photography with having Very scenic backwater and, Amazing beach.  In this place Boating arranged by local fishermen for a ride through the back waters.



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