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Language Of Dharmapuri

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Language of Dharmapuri

The official language of Dharmapuri is Tamil and  the people living in the district of Dharmapuri speak several different languages different dialects are spoken in different parts of this region


People of Dharmapuri

In Dharmapuri 70% of population dependent on agriculture and other allied activities for livelihood and horticulture too has become a preferred source of income. Agriculture is the primary source of income in Dharmapuri. The average literacy rate in this district, at approximately 60.9%, is lower than the national average.

 The peoples of Dharmapuri belong to various religions and it is a significant number of them are from the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes as well.


Culture of Dharmapuri

Pongal is the famous Cultural festival of Dharampuri which falls in mid-January every year. It is the most cherished festival in this region and people passionately participate in the festivities. On this day, a special dish known as Pongal is made with rice and jaggery in honour of the Sun God.  the people in Dharmapuri  are celebrated Festivals with great pomp. The other festival celebrated with great vigour here is Ganesh Chaturthi which occurs sometime between the months of August and September. The people are warm, friendly and engaged in agricultural activities.



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