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Hogenakkal Sightseeing Places

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Hogenakkal sightseeing places

Hogenakkal Located in the Dharampuri District, in the southern state of Tamil nadu, it is a small village situated at the banks of the River Kaveri. This is a little town and very famous for the Hogenakkal Falls, which are often touted as the Niagara Falls of India. The even flowing Kaveri River forks into multiple streams at Hogenakkal, makes it one of the most wonderful and spectacular waterfall in India. Being a small hill station this place are breathtaking, making your holiday a perfect amalgamation of relaxation and discovery.  Oil Massages with herbal oils are very popular in this area and for boating here a very unique kind of boat is available here which Often referred to as basket-boats, the circular vessels called Coracles. Here are some most famous and visiting places in hogenakkal are:


Hogenakkal Falls:  Hogenakkal in Tamil Nadu is home to the most enchanting waterfall and it flows from where the Kaveri River splits into myriad streams of frothy water and makes for a major tourist attraction.  The word Hoge means smoke and Kal means Rock the name of this beautiful waterfall means smoky Rock. This is also termed as the 'Niagara of India' a times and it is situated a little distance from Dharmapur. The backdrop of the Melagiri Hills makes this place more beautiful.


Theerthamalai Temple: Theerthamalai Temple is a famous religious place for devotees situated at Dharmapuri District. During the summer and rainy seasons, the waterfall dropping from a height of about 30 feet, falls on the bathing ghat behind the sanctum sanctorum of the temple looks so stunning and wondering.


 Mettur Dam: Mettur Dam is formerly known as Stanley Reservoir in which Hogenakkal lies upstream from the dam and its origins lie in the state of Tamil Nadu across the Kaveri River. The dam provides irrigation facilities to a part of Salem. Near the dam are located beatiful park, major Hydro Electric Power Stations and hills on all sides with amazing views.


Pennagram Village: Pennagram is a beautiful Village which is located in Dharmapuri District and surrounded by dense forests. It is Located 15 kilometres away from Hogenakkal and about seven square kilometres in area. The village is famous for its brightly coloured giant terracotta statues which is Known as Aiyanars, these statues depict everything from moustached warriors to a modern day policemen. These are regarded as guardian deities by the villagers. A large fair celebrated every week also attracts tourists to this village.


Melagiri Hills: Melagiri Hills Located between the Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri Districts of Tamil Nadu. The hill ranges are covered with forests that are largely dry deciduous with some stretches of shola vegetation. The highest peak of this hill rises up to 1,390 meters above sea level. Forest in the Melagiri Hills is home to mixed vegetation type forest where you may enjoy trekking, bird watching and photography.


Parameshwari Temple:  Parameswari Temple is located in the Pennagram Village from 15 kilometres of Hogenakkal. Putlur Poongavanathamman alias Arulmigu Angala is said to be the goddess of this temple. It is believed that the goddess hails from Angalaamman from Melmalayanur in Tamil Nadu.


Hanuman Theertham Temple:  It is situated about 16 kilometers away from the Theerthamalai Temple near banks of river South Pennar. This is a sacrosanct place and the site is believed to be the point where Hanuman threw away the vessel containing the Ganga water, in anger. The water thrown by him fell onto the riverbank. the water in the spring that flows from rock in the riverbed remains sweet, during summer, even when the river is dry having medicinal values.


Krishnagiri Dam: Krishnagiri Dam Located near Krishnagiri town across the Kaveri River.  the dam is constructed across the Thenpennar and Situated between Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts, it is a favourite picnic spot and one can trekking from the dam to the Yelagiri Hills in Eastern Ghat which is a favorite activity of the destination.


Historical places in tamilnadu: Tamil Nadu is often visited for its beautiful historical places, monuments, ancient architecture with rock-cut inscriptions. The monuments are evidence of the skills and excellence of the artisans of former times. Tamil Nadu is possesses priceless monuments,




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