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Best Time To Visit Dharmapuri

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Best time to visit Dharmapuri

The best time to visit Dharmapuri is during the winter months from November to February when the weather is very pleasant and enjoyable. The climate of Dharmapuri is experiences tropical and hence, it can get rather hot and humid during the summer months. It could get a little cold or windy at night.

Winter: The temperature of winter remains ideal to enjoy and take pleasure of nature’s beauty so this is the best seasons to visit Dharmapuri as the place seems washed and stunning after the rains.

Summer: During this month the Temperature ranges between 31°C to 38°C .The summers in Dharmapuri are hot and generally avoided by the tourist.

Monsoon:  In Dharampuri average rainfall is the characteristic of this season. The monsoons are heavy and humid here and can be uncomfortable for travellers.


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