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Mansa Devi Darshan Tips

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Mansa devi Darshan Tips

1.The temple remains open from 4-00 A.M. to 10-00 P.M. in the summer and from 5-00 A.M. to 9-00 P.M. in the winter.

2.Devotees who visit the temple usually like to take some Parasad (offerings) for the Goddess. There's no shortage of sellers, either where you board the cable car or outside the temple. Bags containing a coconut and flowers sell for around 50 rupees, and it's possible to buy plates of flowers for around 20 rupees.

3.Brass railing from Shakti Dhwaj to Ardh Mandap has been laid so that devotees may enter the temple in two queues and have easy Darshan without any difficulty of rush.

4.The devotees are allowed to bring packed parshad in the mandir. The Parshad so offered by the devotees is placed in the feet of the deity and returned to the devotees.

5. Outside market area (Prasad shops) and general facilities.

6. Stairs that go up the temple, The bhawan's second gate after you climb the stairs. The type of meenakari work and the temple structure depicts the Muslim style as majority of the workers who built this in the 18th century were all Muslims.

7. The main temple. And just a few stairs and steps ahead to get the Darshan.

8. Pindi Darshan and the Idol Darshan of Maa Mansa Devi.