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Places To Visit In Darjeeling

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Places to visit in Darjeeling

Tiger Hill: The Tiger Hills is the highest peak in Darjeeling and offers a splendid view of the Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest. Due to the proximity with three international borders, Darjeeling is strategically a very important place. Darjeeling is known worldwide for its toy train. It is one of the few remaining steam powered trains in the world. It comes from Siliguri and takes six to seven hours to cover a distance of 82 kms. It gives enough opportunity to enjoy nature and see beautiful waterfalls and streams as it passes through deep green valleys, mountain passes, tea gardens and tunnels.


Observatory Hill: Observatory Hill is a famous view point and tourist attraction in Darjeeling. The location is famous for its magnificent views of Kanchendzonga and the ancient temple dedicated to Mahakaal or Lord Shiva.


Batasia Loop: Batasia Loop can be visited when the famous ‘Toy Train’ makes its way across a looped track that transverses through some beautiful parks. The place is famous for housing a Gorkha war memorial and while in the toy train you can witness a 360 degrees view of Darjeeling.  The local crafts market located nearby is a must visit.


Happy Valley Tea Estate:  Happy Valley Tea Estate is one of the major tourist attractions in Darjeeling. The place is located amidst some of the most breath taking surroundings in India. It also houses one of the highest tea factory in the world and was established in 1854 by an Englishman and was later taken over by an Indian aristocracy from Hoogly. The scenic charm of this tea garden is heartwarming. Happy Valley is the most accessible Tea Estate, as it is only about 3 kms from town


Japanese Peace Pagoda: Japanese Peace Pagoda is a part of 30 such structures across the world. The Buddhist shrine is located amidst some really enticing locations and is built in a beautiful white structure with golden colored sculptures. The structure is 23 sq meters wide and 28.5 meters high.


Ghoom Monastery: The Ghoom Gompa was founded by a Mongolian astrologer/monk in the year 1875. The place is also well-known as Yogachoeling Gompa. One is greeted by a huge 'Maitreya Buddha' statue at the entrance gate of the Gompa. Visitors also find bells, ornate thanks scrolls as well as drums inside the Gompa


Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

The Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is spread in an area of 67.56 acres. The zoo is located at an average elevation of 2,134 meters above sea level and is the largest high altitude zoos in India. The place is a huge centre of attraction for animal lovers and nature enthusiast's. The zoo has successfully bred the Snow leopard, the critically endangered Himalayan wolf and Red Panda while in captivity. The zoo includes an off-display breeding center for snow leopards and red pandas.  



By Air:

Bagdogra is the nearest airport to Darjeeling. From Darjeeling, the distance of this airport is about 88 km. It takes about 3 ½ hours to drive from Darjeeling to Bagdogra. This airport can be reached from the metropolitan cities of India.

By Rail :

The nearest railway station to Darjeeling is New Jalpaiguri or NJP. The distance between Darjeeling and NJP is almost 88 km. It is the most important railhead of the region. This railway station can be reached from the major cities of India. The famous toy train can be taken from New Jalpaiguri to reach the hill station. It is a wonderful experience taking a ride of this train and enjoying the surrounding picturesque scenario.

By Road :

Bus services are available for tourists. After reaching Siliguri bus can be taken to reach Darjeeling. By availing the Tenzing Norgay Road, which is known as NH-55 Darjeeling can be reached from Siliguri, NJP and Bagdogra. It merely takes some more than 3 hours to reach Darjeeling via NH-55. Private taxis may be hired for this journey.


Best Time to be in Darjeeling

Tourists planning a tour to Darjeeling can visit it during any time from October to December or between March to mid weeks of June.

Dargleeing  World Famous for Two things:

  • The toy train
  • Tea Garden

The Toy Train
The train that first ran on the track was way too different from what you will see today. It was a mini four wheeled trolley with canvas and two wooden benches. Moreover, at that point of time it was also an important source to transport both people and cargo. It was only with the development of more convenient way to reach Darjeeling that the load on this toy train lessened and it became. As of today, this toy train whistles past its way through scenic beauty with a grace that is adorable. 

Tea Gardens
Darjeeling Tea Gardens are famous not only in India, but in many countries of Europe as well. The entire town is dotted with some of the finest tea gardens known for their different types of tea. Tea from these gardens differ in their aroma, taste, texture and color. Happy valley Tea Estate is the most famous and one of the oldest tea estate in Darjeeling. Some tea plants are as old as 150 years old and you will be surprised to know that the youngest tea plant here is more than 80 years old. Black tea is the most renowned variety, however, Darjeeling oolong and green teas have also made it big in foreign Markets.

Tiger Hill :

From Darjeeling, tourists can visit the Tiger Hill at about a distance of 13 km. In this hilly region, Tiger Hill is considered to be the highest point. Its elevation is about 8482 feet. Tourists should not miss the majestic view of the Kanchenjunga peak at sunrise from here.

Senchal Lake :
It is another tourist attraction near Darjeeling. It is also a noted picnic spot of this region. Water of this lake is the source of drinking water in the town of Darjeeling.



Dhirdham Temple :
A popular Hindu temple of Dhirdham is visited my many tourists.


Monasteries :
There are a number of monasteries located in and around Darjeeling. Some of the popular monasteries are Sakyachoeling, Samdenchoeling, Aloobari, Thupten Sangachoeling Sonada Gompas and Phin Sotholing.


Darjeeling-Rangit Valley Passenger Cable Car :

This is one of the popular attractions in Darjeeling. It is also known as the ropeway, which connects Singla Bazaar with Darjeeling.


Batasia Loop:

The legendary toy train of Darjeeling takes a sharp turn at this loop just 5 kms short of the main town. This place also has an interesting market that sells purses, bags and other decorative items made by the local women.




Bhutia Busty Gompa:

Darjeeling is equally famous for its teas and its monastries. The Bhutia Busty Gompa set against the backdrop of the Kanchenjunga range stands tall and stately. This Gompa is a branch of the Nyingmapa sect's Phodang Monastery in Sikkim. The monastery is not far from the chowrasta and is very tastefully decorated. It also has a library which has a copy of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.


Botanical Gardenss :

These gardens are worth a visit for their exotic and exclusive collection of a variety of Himalayan plants, flowers and orchids. The gardens also have a charming little green house.





Happy Valley Estate:

This estate processes tea and allows the visitor to see how tea is crushed, torn and curled. The fragrance of fresh tea leaves and the vistas of endless rows of tea plantations make for a refreshing sight. 




Glenburn Tea Estate
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Shopping in Darjeeling

Shopping in Darjeeling is a delight for tourists, who can shop a vast collection of mementoes and different antique.Shopping at Darjeeling is one of the favourite recreational activities for the tourists. Curios like thangkas, woven fabrics, brass statues, woodcarvings, jewellery, carpets and the famous Darjeeling tea are the prime items for sale in the Darjeeling district. The tourists find a vast array of handicrafts and curios, ideal gifts to take as souvenirs from Darjeeling. 

Places To Shop

Darjeeling is pretty popular with Backpackers for shopping as they get to buy stuff at real good deals and budget prices. The top five things we recommend to buy from the markets of Darjeeling are :

Darjeeling Tea
Wollen clothes
Beads and Jewelry
Buddhist Artifacts
Where to Buy ?

The most popular markets in Darjeeling are :

  • Chowrasta in Darjeeling
  • Ladenla Road
  • Nehru Road
  • Supermarket at Motor Stand 
  • Mahakal Market
  • Chowk Bazaar
  • Art emporium and Dorjee on Ladenla Road

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