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Places To Wine And Dine

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Places to Wine and Dine


With some sweet and oily characteristics Shanghai's cuisine is primarily a fusion like its culture. The best eateries are the local ubiquitous restaurants and one can pick from a variety of dishes from the menu at a very affordable price. Being a port city sea foods are quite a popular in Shanghai. Amongst a number of delectable dishes Steamed Crab, Chicken Porridge, Steamed Buns, Baked Scallion-stuffed Sesame Biscuits are must try in Shanghai. The most famous restaurants are-

  • Ni Zang Garden Restaurant
  • Qian Xing Ge Restaurant
  • Wang Pin Tai Steak Restaurant
  • Hong Rui Xing Hotel
  • Jia Jia Tang Bao
  • The Terrace (Asian Restaurant)
  • Xiao Yang Sheng Jian



For Drinks, one can choose from tea to coffee to beer. Most famous places to drink are -

  • Pub Crawl Shanghai
  • Brewery Tour Shanghai



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