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Bangkok Pattaya Night Life Guide

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Nightlife in Pattaya and Bangkok

Spend the night with your friends at Bangkok’s popular entertainment centers on Khao San Road. You can enjoy listening to different musical genres in various restaurants and bars, or watch the cinema at the movie theaters. You can also satisfy your cravings for authentic Thai food that is available in different restaurants in the city.

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Pattaya is no stranger to entertainment as it can match Bangkok’s lively nightlife offerings. The city is best known for its Alcazar show, cabaret singers and entertainment bars besides its glowing, white sand beaches.



Night Tourism in Thailand - A Study

Pattaya - A Global Hub for Night Life

if some one is looking for some online guide to Pattaya Bar and night life in Pattaya, wondering who are bar girls & costs etc? 

It is noticed that when some one goes for a bar girl, he also pays for her time and company plus the Bar fine plus joiner fee, Does not matter, whether you`re in Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok - anywhere in Thailand for that matter.

The bar girls of Pattaya dance seductively semi naked to attract customers in to the bars, if you want to go with a bar girl, Firstly, you need to pay the bar fine. A bar fine is the price you pay the bar, for taking their lady away,Even if you take a young lady you are talking to, who even doesn’t work at that bar –, you will still have to pay the bar fine. 

Beer bars, typically charge between  300 – 400 Baht but, this may be more if the girl/lady is especially good looking in this case, she will be in high demand.

One must also pay the bar fine for a gogo dancer too, but remember these Koyotee dancers are always going to be more expensive than the average bar girl. So a bar fine of 500 - 1000 Baht is not uncommon, 

Always  ensure  exactly what one is paying for. “Make sure that  bar fine allows you to take the lady out all night” and that she doesn’t have to be back “at work” in a few hours. 

By Paying the Bar fine, one secures girl company until at least 3 PM the following day. Paying a bar fine doesn`t include the price of girl.  It is only for taking her from her place of work,  The price paid for night time is  completely separate.. 

Note :- It is also worth remembering that prostitution is illegal in Thailand.


                  sex tourism

So how much should you pay the lady? There is no "set" price guide, or price list, incidently price for cheap Night Fun in Pattaya has remained pretty much inflation proof with no unexpected or unwanted “rises” in the last 10 years or so.


Beware of Aids

Holiday Travel advises Travellers to be cautious going to Thailand for Night Fun Tourism. Indians are looked at east targets in Phuket and Pattaya. Some incidents are heard regarding Indians dying within 6 months of their return from Thailand. Apprentaly these innocent travellers caught AIDS in thailand.