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Why Visit Bangkok Thailand In May June

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Why Visit Bangkok Thailand in May June


May & June Tourist Events in Bangkok

May is the Best Season to Visit Thailand because of plentiful attractions and events dotting the Thailand. Major Events in Thailand include National Labour Day, Coronation Day Celebrations, Ploughing Ceremony , Ploughing Ceremony, Visakha Puja Day , Rocket Festival etc.


National Labour Day (1 May)

Visit Thailand to celebrate National Labour Day, in which great number of Thai labourers gather at Sanam Luang to join the festivities held by the government which include pop concerts, cultural shows, dances and a variety of fun activities and entertainment.As in much of the world, a day in celebration of workers and unions. Other than a day off, there are no events of note in Thailand.

Coronation Day Coronation Day Commemorates the Coronation of King Bhumibol in 1950. Now the World’s longest reigning Monarch and Head of State, Thailand celebrated His Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee in 2006 with passion, fervour and enormous pride


Coronation Day Celebrations (5 May)


Coronation Day Celebrations mark The day, when the reigning King Bhumibol was crowned as the 9th king of the Chakri Dynasty in 1950.


Ploughing Ceremony (13 May)

Ploughing Ceremony Presided over by the King, this ancient Brahmanic ceremony is held at Sanam Luang in Bangkok to mark the beginning of the planting of rice season and to bless the farmers with bumper harvests in the year.


Rocket Festival (11-12 May)

Rocket FestivalCalled "ngan bun bang fai" in Thailand, it is a unique festival, most elaborately celebrated in Yasothon province. Bamboo rockets are launched as an annual plea to gods for plenty of rainfall in the rainy season.


Visakha Bucha Day (on the full-moon day of the 6th Thai lunar month = 24 May)

It is one of the most important Buddhist holiday. On this day in different years, the Buddha was born, attained Enlightenment and entered Nirvana.The 2nd of the 3 important annual Buddhist Lunar Holidays, and the most important of the 3, Visakha Bucha commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha, and it falls on the full moon Uposatha day, normally in the 5th or 6th lunar month. Thai people visit their local temple to ‘wien tien’, to walk round the main chapel 3 times with a candle, lotus flower and incense sticks. Visitors are most welcome to join in & observe this lovely rite.


May Weather in Thailand

In Bangkok, the rainy season starts in May and lasts till September, but really picks up in June. Rain can sometimes come as a welcome release from the temperatures that stand in the high 20’s. The rain normally falls in the afternoon but there are infrequent days when the city will be washed with rain for the whole day. Bangkok lies only 6 ft. above sea level, so when there are prolonged periods of rain this can lead sometimes lead to flooding.