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Shopping In Bangalore

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Shopping in Bangalore

Bangalore is most famous and visited place where people must attract to visit every year to see its beauty, Bangalore have most visited places to enjoy and collect some new things with us. Markets and Shopping malls are famous places where mostly tourist attract to visit some suggestion is given below


Chickpete:  Chickpete is a large area that sells both wholesale and retail products. Don't be fooled into thinking that Chickpete only is famous for sarees. The entire region sells various items ranging from plastic products and home decor items to puja products and clothing. The usually crowded market area is ideally visited during weekdays


Brigade Road: Shopaholic’s paradise Brigade roads with its branded stores used to be one of the most stylish and glamorous areas in the city. The many smaller shops located alongside the brand outlets will provide great bargains on some rather unique products. The Tibetan Plaza is a favourite among bargain hunters in the city, products ranging from bags to clothes and fashion accessories


Marathahalli: This region in Bangalore is famous for its brand factory outlets, ranging from jeans to shoes, get your best bargain here. The many other shops in the vicinity today sell products such as home-furniture, lighting, soft furnishing and a lot more besides clothing. Marathahalii offers a vast expanse of lifestyle products to choose from at negotiable rates



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