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Hotels In Adelaide

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Recommended 5 Star Hotels in Adelaide

  • The Playford Adelaide: located at 120 North Terrace, Adelaide. Ranked number one by Tripadvisor.
  • InterContinental Adelaide: located at North Terrace, Adelaide. Ranked 6/54.
  • Rendezvous Grand Hotel Adelaide: 55 Waymouth St, Adelaide, Ranking 10/54.
  • Hilton Adelaide: 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide, Ranks 13/54.


Recommended Four Star Hotels and other budget hotels in Adelaide

  • Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury: 2 Flinders St, Adelaide, Ranks 02/54.
  • Majestic Roof Garden Hotel Adelaide: 55 Frome St, Adelaide, Ranks 03/54.
  • Crowne Plaza Adelaide:  16 Hindmarsh Square, Ranks 04/54.
  • Mantra on Frome: 88 Frome Street, Adelaide, Ranks 05/54.
  • Quest on King William: 82 King William St, Adelaide, Ranks 08/54.


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