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Shaktipeeths Of Bangladesh

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Sugandha Shakti Peeth (Bangladesh)

The temple of Devi Sunanda shakti-Peeth is in the village Shikarpur which is 10 miles North of Barishal on the banks of Sondh river in Bangladesh. Here nose of Goddess Sati had fallen. Its Shakti is called Sunanda and Bhairav is called Triyambak.

A large number of worshippers visit this place at Shiva-Chaturdashi (a religious occasion on the 14th moon during March)

Nearest Railway Station is Jhalakati Railway Station about 5 miles away.

Sugandha Shakti-Peeth BanglaDesh

Kirit Shaktipeeth - BanglaDesh

Devi's crown or headdress fell here and idols are Devi as Vimala (Pure) and Shiva as Sangbarta. Take the train to Ajimganj. The temples are on the shore of the ganges near Batnagar. (in Bangladesh).The Temple is just five kilometres from Dahapara railway station, and is the oldest temple in the Murshidabad district



Chattagram BanglaDesh (also called Chattal)

Devi's right arm fell here and the idols are Devi as Bhavani (Devi) and Shiva as Chandrashekhar (the one who has the moon as the crown). It is said that Mahadeva has himself pronounced that he will visit Chandrashekhar mountain regularly during Kali yuga. This is near Sitakunda station. This is in Bangladesh.



Jayanti Shaktipeeth BanglaDesh

Devi's left thigh fell here and the idols are Devi as Jayanti and Shiva as Kramadiswar. It is located at Kalajore Baurbhag village of Falzur Pargana under Jayantia Thana of Sylhet district, Bangladesh, is also known as Falizur Kalibari.


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