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Shaktipeeths In Pakistan

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Two Shakti-Peeths are in Pakistan


Hingulaj Shakti-Peeth Pakistan 

Godess Devi's brain fell here and the idols are Devi as Kotari (Durga) and Shiva as Bhimlochan (Terrible eyed or the third eye). The location is in a cave on the western part of Pakistan in Baluchistan near Karachi. Hingulaj  is 170 miles away from Karachi. The road from Karachi to Hingula is alongside the Arabian sea.


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Hingula ShaktiPeeth-Pakistan-Known as Nani_ki_Mandir in Pakistan


Shivaharkaray Shakti-Peeth Sindh Pakistan

Shivaharkaray or Karavipur: Devi's three eyes fell here and the idols are Devi as Mahishmardini (Durga the destroyer of Mahishashur) and Shiva as Krodhish (the one who can be angry). It is near Karachi in Pakistan, by rail the nearest station is Parkai.

  • Coordinates:      25.0°30′50″N 65.0°30′55″E
  • Location: Sindth
  • Country: Pakistan
  • State:    Sindh
  • Locale:  Parkai, Sati (goddess) as Mahishasuramardini and Shiva as Ragi or Krodish




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