Paharganj Delhi A Paradise for backpackers

You want to live as a tourists for years, without caring for costs for decent shelter, great food and ultimate wine & dine, without much impact on your pockets. Paharganj Delhi is the place for you, Paharganj is one of the first and best marketplaces outside the fort walls of Delhi. It is a bustling, crowded and noisy  marketplace with numerous hotels, proximity to New Delhi Railway Station and Connaught Place helps to make it a travelers’ hub and a backpackers’ haven. No Doubt all Foreigners wander its streets, You can see backpackers all over, walking in the streets, buying in the shops, eating in the cafés, and drinking and chatting  in the bars. And they range from the first-time tourist to experienced , who live in the guesthouses for months and years on end.

Paharganj had always been an important part of the city, but during 1970s, Paharganj got on the backpackers’ map. It has never looked back since. Once you exit the railway station, you get mobbed by rickshaw wallahs, who promise to take you to the best hotel of all. Paharganj has an air of warm inclusivity—which is what makes it a haven for people of all nationalities and ethnicities looking for affordable accommodation.

Paharganj is the perfect spot for backpackers, from the point of view of the budget and easy access to travel-related help. And it’s a meeting point for backpackers from around the world,” they have been told.