Celebrate Your Love In Agra

The magnificent monuments and beautiful gardens have been reflecting love and romance across the centuries. They serve as a perfect setting for young couples to celebrate their love and for older couples to rekindle their romance. Agra is truly a place where love stories for generations are crafted.

Planning a trip to Agra with a special someone? Holiday Travel gives you unique dreamy things to do in Agra.

Romantic Things To Do in Agra


Gaze at Taj Mahal in the Moon Light

Lay back on a bench in front of the monument of love, Taj Mahal, with your loved one by your side. Better still; enjoy the monument glowing under the moonlit after sunset. Nothing can be more romantic than celebrating your love at this wonder of the world and ensuring irreplaceable memories for a lifetime.

Get Panoramic View From Hot Air Balloon Safari

Have you ever imagined how Taj Mahal would look like from the sky? Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Mughal buildings from a height of 250 feet while you are on board a hot air balloon safari. The balloon safaris operate during sunrise, sunset or in moonlight. Witnessing magical Agra with shimmering Taj Mahal sitting gracefully in the center in the light of the full moon is an experience in itself.

Walk Hand-in-Hand at Yamuna River

Indulge in a nature walk that takes visitors through the green belt located along the bank of Yamuna River. Walk hand-in-hand with your special someone as colourful flowers, fluttering butterflies and chirping birds surround you.

Walk Along Ram Bagh

Take a peaceful walk along the Ram Bagh, known to be a symbol of the love shared between Jahangir and Noor Jahan. It showcases beautiful landscaping and the rich heritage of Agra.  This centuries-old exotic garden is a must visit place for couples to relax and enjoy each other’s company amidst the historical brilliance that lies before them.

Soak in the Natural Beauty of Keetham Lake

Located off the Agra-Delhi National Highway, the Keetham Lake is sure to appeal to couples in love. You can drive through the sanctuary and witness wildlife in its natural habitat or chooser to sit and soak in the natural beauty of the lake. Spend some peaceful moments with your loved one which enjoying bird watching around the lake.


Isn’t this admirable town an ideal getaway for the love birds? So why the wait? Pack your bags and take that special someone to this starry-eyed town. While, we at Holiday Travel make all the arrangements for the both of you.


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