3 Types of Ayurveda Massages to Indulge in When in Kerala

A holiday to Kerala is incomplete without experiencing the goodness of an Ayurveda massage. While most spas and massage centers prescribe treatments based on your specific pain points, there are some popular favorites that cannot be missed out.
Here are the 3 types of Ayurveda massages that you must book the next time you are in Kerala.

1. Shirodhara – To DeStress

They say it all takes places in the head. Naturally then, our head is a tired place that need lots of nurturing and pampering to revitalize the senses. The Shirodhara technique is designed to relieve our mind of stress by indulging the scalp and forehead. One of the five processes of the ‘Panchkarma’, it sees gentle and continuous pouring of soothing liquids by a trained therapist over your forehead and scalp as you lie down in a relaxed position. The liquids used in the treatment range from herbal oils to milk and in some cases, even coconut or plain water. Depending on the liquid used, the Shirodhara is called Ksheeradhara, Thakradhara and Jaladhara among others.

2. Garshana – To Rejuvenate & Lose Weight!

This one is a unique Ayurveda treatment. Unlike most other massages from this school of discipline that involve extensive use of oils, Garshana is a dry massage. The therapist puts on silk gloves and delivers an effective massage using firm pressure and dynamic movements. This is said to help in the breakdown of fat and also assist in lymphatic drainage. The Garshana serves as an exfoliating massage that cleans the body of dead skin, readying it up for better absorbing oil-based nurturing treatments.

3. Njavarkijhi – To Detox and Relax!

A spa that rolls the benefits of massage and steam into one, this Ayurvedic massages sees the use of medicated herbal along with small rice poultices to deliver a reenergizing experience. After applying oil over your body, the therapist addresses pressure points using poultices that are filled with a special kind of rice – Njavara – which also gives the treatment its name. Throughout the massage, the poultices are repeatedly dipped in cow’s milk as well as a kind of herbal paste. This is done in order to let the skin perspire and get rid of toxins. Apart from serving as an effective skin treatment, the treatment also acts as an excellent relaxation therapy.