Top 8 destinations for Christian pilgrims in India

Christianity has had its relations with India from the bygone years since St. Thomas sailed to India from Eastern Asia in AD 52. The arrival of Europeans in India in the 15th century led to the development of some of the most glorious Christian worship places.

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Some of the Catholic Churches in India are considered to be the best in the world and are a key part of the Heritage of India. Holiday travel lists down some of the well-known Churches that attract Catholics to India.


Top 8 Catholic Churches In India


Basilica Of Bom Jesus – Goa

The glorious church of Bom Jesus is known for the tomb of St. Francis Xavier and is a must visit church in India. The church is covered with marble and inlaid with precious stones thereby making it the richest church in Goa. The mortal remains of St.Francis Xavier are kept in a basilica built in the baroque style architecture. St. Francis’s body lies in a glass coffin which is placed inside a silver casket. The chapel is one of the most famous Christian pilgrimage sites of India and attracts large numbers of tourists every year.

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The Church Of St. Cajetan – Goa

The Church of St. Cajetan takes inspiration from the designing of the St. Peter’s Church in Rome. The Tuscan exterior, raised platform with steps leading to the entrance, the Corinthian columns and the barrel-vault are true examples of the Renaissance. The church is adorned with elaborate paintings on the wooden borders and fixed between panels of floral designs. This church is undoubtedly one of the top sightseeing places for Catholics in India.

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Christ Church And St. Michael’s Cathedral, Himachal Pradesh

The Christ Church is reputed to be the second oldest church in Northern India and has earned immense fame for the lovely stained glass windows. The yellow Christ Church is located next to the famous Mall of Shimla and is one of the most famous churches for Christians in India.

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Church of St Francis of Assisi, Goa

This beautiful Catholic Church in India is known to be the former palace of Archbishop and serves as a connecting link between the Se Cathedral and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi. The entrance of the church is made with the Manueline styling while the exterior has the Tuscan feel. Also, make sure you visit the Archaeological Museum within the premises of the church.

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Church of the Sacred Heart, Delhi

This beautiful church takes inspiration from Italian designing and is built with white pillars supporting a canopy room set against a dark brick background. The polished stone floors, broad arches and lofty interiors add to the splendour thereby having Church of Sacred Heart ranked on the list of most famous churches in India.

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Santa Cruz Basilica, Kerala

The Santa Cruz Basilica was built by the Portuguese and later elevated to a cathedral in 1558 AD by Pope Paul IV. It was in 1795 AD that the British demolished this church when they took over Cochin. Over a hundred years later, in 1887 AD, Bishop Dom Gomez Ferreira rebuilt the church on this site. Pope John Paul II later proclaimed it as a Basilica in 1984. At present, this Basilica stands as one of the must-visit attractions for Catholics in India.

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Cathedral Church of St. Thomas, Mumbai

Mumbai’s first Anglican Church situated in the fort area is a top attraction for Catholics visiting Mumbai. The foundation of this church was laid in 1672 and later opened for public on the Christmas Day in 1718. The church is built in a simple structure, however, is home to exquisite art decorations adorning the walls inside the church. This church was later made a cathedral is 1837.

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Little Mount, Chennai (Madras)

Little Mount in Saidapet is a small hill housing a few beautiful churches. The new church built in 1971 attracts attention for its unique circular shape. However, pilgrims also visit the old church and the shrine built by the Portuguese in 1511. The Little Mount ranks among the must-visit churches in India owing to its one-of-a-kind geography and charisma.

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The above list consists of only a few out of the many glorious Catholic pilgrimage sites in India. These splendid Churches are some of the top attractions for Catholics in India. Make sure you visit all these sites and explore the fascinating world of Christianity in India.

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