Tips For Travel To Mumbai

Travelling to an unknown land? We totally understand the apprehensions that come along with the excitement before and during the travel. Mumbai is a vibrant city with a fast paced life. Known to be the second most crowded city of the world, Mumbai has its share of varied demographics of population termed as, Mumbaikars.

Holiday Travel addresses all your concerns and advises you on the points to keep in mind before the Mumbai holiday.

Tips for Travel to Mumbai

  1. The local language in Mumbai is Marathi. However, locals are fluent with Hindi and English as well.


  1. Make hotel reservations for your stay in Mumbai well in advance to ensure good rates and a confirmed reservation. Tipping the staff at the beginning of the stay will ensure you good service.


  1. Hire a cab and driver for your stay in Mumbai. Do not opt for driving yourself as the traffic can be a daunting affair.


  1. Insist on using a meter while you ride a taxi or rickshaw to avoid being over charged.


  1. Carry a sunscreen and hat or a light scarf for protections against the sun.


  1. Purchase sealed bottled water and do not consume tap water.


  1. Avoid travelling during peak traffic hours, i.e. 7-11 am and 4.30-8.30 pm.


  1. Beware of pick pocketing and mobile or bag snatchers in populated areas such as traffic signals and railway stations.


  1. Though major shops and restaurants accept credit/debit cards, always keep some cash in hand for vendors who do not.


  1. Littering in Mumbai is a punishable offence and a fine of Rs.200 can be levied.


An incredible city like Mumbai has a lot to offer. However, at Holiday Travel we have curated the best possible itineraries to ensure you have a stress-free and enjoyable holiday at the most affordable rates. Holiday Travel provides you with all travel related information and services that help in planning seamless vacations. So gear up for your perfect getaway!

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