Tips for Choosing The Perfect Houseboat in Alleppey!

While you are vacationing in Alleppey, you will be spending a major chunk of your holiday in the houseboat, therefore it is important that you get your choice of the boat right. With over 1200 different houseboats cruising the Kerala backwaters near Alleppey, choosing the best houseboat is never an easy task.

Holiday Travel advises you on the tips to keep in mind while making the decision for booking your houseboat in Alleppey.


Tips For Hiring A Houseboat in Alleppey

Condition of the Houseboat

An average houseboat has a lifetime of 6-10 years and should be serviced once a year. Before you book your houseboat, make sure you ask the operator details about the condition of the boat.


Advance Booking

Advance booking tariff for the houseboat is much lesser than the spot booking tariff at the jetty.


Cruising Route

Make sure you decide the cruising route with the operator as longer routes demand a higher tariff and vice versa. A regular route taken is a round trip from Alleppey to Alleppey.


Inquire the Check In Check Out Timings

The usual check-in time for the boat is 12 pm and check-out time is 10 am. Make sure you adjust the timings with the operator as per your schedule at the time of booking.


Best Time to Book the Houseboat

The best time to book a houseboat stay is in the months of December to January. However, you can bag great discounts and deals during the monsoon months. The summer months of March to May are extremely hot, thus make sure you book an air-conditioned houseboat.


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