Forget Grindelwald-JUNGFRAU-Head to Sangla Valley India – World’s New Summer Getaway!

Seeing is Believing, If you just ignore the Cogwheel Railways, Lengthy Tunnels, Double Decker Luxury Buses  of Switzerland  & want to experience raw ride in luxury 4X4 navigating the high mountain passes with No Tunnels, Tiny hamlets, and Finally Reaching the Land of Pure Bliss and Beauty.  The Incredible landscape of Sangla valley in Himachal Pradesh No doubts gives complex to  Swiss and French Alps. It is a true Paradise with incredible vistas of unrelenting beauty  & panoramas. Located at just 6 hours from British Raj Summer capital Shimla, The beauty starts unfolding from Rampur Bushahr, First we travel besides Satluj River, finally overtaken by Baspa River.


Sangla Valley Tourist Guide New


Sangla has many world class Resorts like Banjara Orchard Camp and Retreat which are based on nature theme  The camp is located at 2,700 m above sea level amidst apple orchards , Tourists are accommodated in Swiss-style tents & riverside cottages.


Itinerary includes visit to nearby Batseri village, a picture postcard hamlet, followed by jungle walk which takes you to the village of Rakcham. have your lunch and picnick in the open, Finally reach  Rakcham, located at an altitude of 3,000 m and place of Incredible beauty.


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