5 International Destinations That Are Cheaper Than the Iphone

Believe us when we say that cobblestoned European streets, white-sand beaches of Maldives, and stunning Greek islands can be explored in a cost less than that of an iPhone X! Cluing you in on some packages that will upgrade your travel goals before you think of upgrading your phone!

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Paris and Switzerland :

Visit the Eiffel Tower, cruise on River Seine admiring the sunset, and explore the world of Disney World Paris. From Paris, head to Switzerland and wander on the streets of Zurich (any DDLJ fans here?), take the cable car to Mt. Titlis, and capture the quintessential European vistas of lush greenery in Lucerne. All of this under a lac!

Greece and Italy :

Marvel at the historical wonders of Athens in Greece, take a trip to the city of Rome to admire the colosseum, and sail in the grand canal of Venice. This European sojourn comes close to the cost of iPhone X, flights included!

Maldives :

Sun baths on pristine beaches and soothing spa therapies in Maldives promise a stress-free vacation you are wishing for. And adventure sports like snorkelling, wind surfing and banana boat rides add to the fun. Get set go!