5 Destinations for those seeking Adventure & Fitness

For adventure junkies, it can be a challenging task to leave behind their regular workout routines for a week or so, while holidaying. However, what if you combine fitness with leisure? You can relax as well as indulge in adventure sports to ease your need to work out. Here is a sneak peek into five destinations that will satiate your appetite for adventure amidst the beauty of nature.

1. Thailand

Thailand is a delight for adventure and fitness enthusiasts. With its gorgeous beaches and sea sides, the possibilities that Phuket offers are endless. Deep-sea diving, kayaking or taking a ride on an elephant are a few of the adventures you can indulge in. So enjoy your favourite sport as you savour the beauty of the

2. Republic of Maldives

Maldives, which boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches, can be an ideal destination for unwinding while you enjoy a quick run on the beach or relax through a training session in the morning, accompanied by healthy meals. You can indulge in scuba diving, snorkelling, participate in water sports or even take yoga classes to unwind and keep fit at the same time.

3. Mexico

A favourite with people looking for an exotic getaway, Mexico houses many plush resort towns along the Pacific and Gulf coasts. Puerto Vallarta is known for its pristine beaches and attractive shopping options. Also, you can consider horseback riding, diving and cruising among other activities. If you pay a visit to the Banderas Bay, you can enjoy paddle boarding in the beautiful waters as well.

4. Malaysia

Yet another exotic destination located in Asia, it has a plethora of picturesque beaches to boast of. Besides taking part in water sports and snorkelling among other activities, you can consider visiting Malaysia’s Penang National Park if the prospect of hiking in the tropical rain forests excites you. There are several hiking trails that lead to the beautiful Malaysian beaches. To experience best of Malaysia!

5. Costa Rica

If zip lining interests you, then you must pay a visit to Costa Rica, which revolutionized the zip lining trend. You can also take the Miss Sky Canopy Tour, which gives you a breath-taking view of the lush Costa Rican wildlife. It is the unofficial adventure tourism capital of South America.