Visit Shimla in June to Enjoy The Shimla Summer Festival

While monsoons hit the western coast of India in the month of June, north India gets ready to welcome the summer festival. One of the main reasons to visit the pristine hill station is the Shimla Summer Festival. This hauntingly beautiful hill station is one of the best tourist destinations in India. The whole city becomes a live stage for dance, music and other cultural events during the festival.

An unforgettable experience awaits you as the best singers, musicians and artists from all over the country come together for a festive fusion. You will have the opportunity to be a first hand witness to some of the most outstanding performances by these artists.

The summer festival in Shimla is an annual affair and Holiday Travel brings to you every piece of information that you need to know.


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History of Shimla Summer Festival

Shimla’s attractive landscape becomes more striking owing to its culturally rich fairs and festivals. The International Shimla Summer Festival is certainly not an exception when talking about adding charm. Shimla can boast about its natural beauty and the summer festival is only an addition to this region’s array of colours.

Since the 1960’s, the Shimla Summer Festival has been around.

The locals have initiated and celebrate this festival as a way of offering their thankfulness to God for the bountiful crop and rich harvest. For the repetition next year, they seek blessings from God. In Himachal Pradesh, May and June are considered be the sweetest months and thus the locals celebrate it with great show and pomp.

Being the most favourite event of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, she was invited as a chief guest for many consecutive years at the summer festivals. Since her demise, the festival hasn’t quite been receiving similar kind of national importance as it did in the past.

Where is Shimla Summer Festival Celebrated?

The astonishing Shimla Summer Festival is organized at the Ridge. Usually, in the morning, a half marathon race is flagged off as a way of commencing the carnival. The locals here during the festival display handcrafted articles by organizing stalls that help to uphold the culture and spirit of Himachal Pradesh.

The Ridge of Shimla is also one of the best places to visit in Shimla. In the evenings, the ridge area is often barricaded when the main events take place. The venue can be accessed by tourists and the local public via the Mall Road. For the concern of general public’s safety and security, the entire ridge is covered under electronic close circuit surveillance.

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Competitions at the Festival

The summer festival is the perfect picture display of Himachal Pradesh’s fluent cultural heritage. The entire state depicts lively attitude and splendour during the onslaught of the festival. The festival has a lot in store for the tourists and visitors in the way of local artefacts sale and exhibition, exotic himachali food, fashion shows, flower show, music concerts and various other contests and shows.

The cultural performances comprise of folk dances on music of Himachal Pradesh. Poster making competition, photography competition and dance competition and are also held at the festival. The amazing handicrafts from the local stalls cannot go unnoticed. Participating in these events are a must among several things to do in Shimla.

Sometimes Miss Shimla contest is also organised. Magic shows are put up for everyone. The festival is an enchanting and captivating experience. To keep the interest of young minds involved in the festival, a rock band competition is also organized.

There is also a baby show that is organized where you can see participation from dozens of tiny tots accompanied by their parents.

A dog show is also a part of the itinerary where talented canines are put through their paces.

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The Himachal Film Festival

Himachali Film Festival is another interesting event that is held at the summer festival. It is held annually in the capital city of Himachal Pradesh at the Historical Gaiety Theatre, another top attraction in Shimla. The Festival includes movie screenings and competitions for short films, documentary films, feature films, music videos, animated films and workshops on film making. It witnesses enthusiastic participation from all, right from elderly men and women to housewives, from young men and women to teenagers and also school children.  During the film festival, you can watch musical performances by nationally renowned singers as well as local artists. The festivals gets the whole city come alive for there is so much to celebrate.


Bottom Line

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